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Torn red and blue Roe V Wade newspaper headline on the United States Constitution and Supreme Court - stock photo
Torn Roe V Wade newspaper headline in red and blue on the US Constitution with the United States Supreme Court in background

Roe v. Wade: Democrats Work on Plan to Restore Reproductive Freedoms

Analysis: On the 51st anniversary of the one-time abortion protection law, the Biden Administration says it is attempting to undo the damage of abortion bans.
Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights Rally, Not Going Back sign, Gramercy Park, New York City

Court Rules Texas Can Ban Emergency Abortions Despite Federal Guidance

Emergency room doctors in Texas are instead mandated to provide “stabilizing care” to pregnant women.

The Buckeye Vote: Controversy Sits on Ohio’s Ballot Next Week

Ohio voters will decide on issues dividing the country at large.
Zerlina Maxwell

Zerlina Maxwell Proves All She Needs Is a Mic – And Maybe Her Phone

At a moment when the nation seems to be giving the Black community the side-eye, the SiriusXM host is more vocal than ever.

Op-Ed: How We Can Reimagine Black Maternal Health in the Changed Landscape of Dobbs

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and the dangers it presents, now is the time to rethink how we approach the issue.
Black woman protesting for women's equality and rights.

Abortion Access Across U.S. Illustrated With New Interactive Maps

The anniversary of Roe v. Wade is going to hit very differently for so many this year.
Friends showing their fists with the slogan "Your vote matters"

Op-ed: Why Younger Voters Should Care About These Midterm Elections

A Howard student's take on why the midterm elections are proving to be especially crucial for the future of women's reproductive rights.
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Winning the Fight for Reproductive Justice Means Finally Putting Black Women in the Driver’s Seat

Civil rights attorney Nekima Levy Armstrong believes it's time for white women to step aside and let those most impacted steer this battle.
Rebecca S. Pringle speaks during March for Our Lives 2022 on June 11, 2022 in Washington, DC. Becky Pringle is the current president of the National Education Association and a lifelong educator.

National Teachers Union President Blasts Supreme Court’s Decision On Abortion Rights Saying It’s a ‘Gut Punch’ To Women

Leading the largest union in the country, Becky Pringle represents some 3 million educators.

Vice President Harris Says She “Never Believed” Justices Would Protect Roe

Then-Calif. Senator Harris voted against the appointment of Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.