‘Clay and Reecie Live: Beyond the Mic’ Heads To Philadelphia, Will Honor Exoneree Jimmy Dennis

For 25 years, Jimmy Dennis sat on death row for a crime he did not commit.

New Orleans Man Freed From Prison After Serving 29 Years, Though Rape Survivor Always Said He Was Innocent

The original DA reportedly had evidence that Patrick Brown was wrongly prosecuted.

Chicago Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Man Wrongly Convicted Of Murdering His Friends

David Wright, convicted as a teenager, spent nearly three decades behind bars.

Five Cases of Innocent Black Men Exonerated After Spending Decades Behind Bars

The exoneration of Sidney Holmes after serving 34 years of a 400-year sentence is one of many cases of justice being served decades late.

NYC To Pay $26 Million To Muhammad Aziz and Khalil Islam, The Men Wrongly Convicted Of Killing Malcolm X

A Manhattan district attorney’s office investigation found prosecutorial misconduct at the 1966 trial.

False Convictions Largely Driven By Racism, New Report Says

‘Black people are far more likely than white people to be convicted of crimes they did not commit,’ research found.

Muhammad Aziz, Exonerated In Murder Of Malcolm X, Sues New York State

His legal team also drafted a civil rights lawsuit against NYC that awaits the outcome of settlement negotiations.

Wrongfully Convicted Black Man Receives $6 Million After Spending 23 Years In Prison

Darryl Howard was prosecuted for the killing of a mother and daughter in 1991.

Judge Exonerates Black Man Accused Of Rape Depicted in Memoir of Author Alice Sebold

Anthony Broadwater spent 16 years in prison for a heinous crime he didn’t commit.

Judge: Boy, 14, Shouldn't Have Been Executed in SC

George Stinney's conviction was thrown out.