racial discrimination

Black Woman Awarded $1 Million After Oregon Gas Station Attendant Reportedly Said, ‘I Don't Serve Black People’

Rose Wakefield said the worker refused to help her when she asked for it, and nothing was done when she complained.

Minority Corrections Officers Barred From Guarding Derek Chauvin Settle Discrimination Lawsuit For Nearly $1.5 Million

The suit alleged that the former policeman convicted of killing George Floyd received special treatment from a white officer.

New Sesame Place Video Emerges As Another Parent Complains Of Discrimination and Rev. Jesse Jackson Gets Involved

A pattern appears to suggest racial bias against Black children, meanwhile Rev. Jesse Jackson is offering a way to heal.

Judge Gives Black Former Tesla Worker Time Limit To Accept Reduced $15M Payout

A jury originally awarded Owen Diaz $137M in his racial discrimination lawsuit.

Black Doctors Complain Of Racial Discrimination In An Often Hostile Hospital Work Environment

Black physicians are sending scores of letters about racial bias, the National Medical Association says.

Wells Fargo Approved Less Than Half Its Black Homeowner Refinancing Applications In 2020

The nation’s third largest bank had the biggest approval gap rate by race, a Bloomberg analysis found.

'I Got Hit By A Bus And The Hospital Gave Me Advil’ Woman Tweets About Health Care Discrimination

A report finds Black women aren't believed about pain.

Woman Humiliated After Flight Attendant Calls Cops On Her For 'Flying While Fat And Black'

Amber Phillips said it all began with her white seatmate.

SMH: Tamar Braxton Is Dragging This Restaurant For Racial Discrimination

"Don't go here! We are just Black people to them!"