racial discrimination

Bojangles Restaurant Accused of Racism By Former Employee

The fast-food chain allegedly practiced “widespread racial discrimination” at several of its locations in North Carolina.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley Accuses Walgreens of 'Divesting' From Black and Latino Communities

The Massachusetts congresswoman said the pharmaceutical giant is leaving communities of color with no options in their neighborhoods.

Black Home Mortgage Borrowers Sue Navy Federal Credit Union For Discrimination

An analysis found a nearly 30 percent loan approval gap between white and Black applicants.

Boston Pays $2.6M To Cops Who Claimed Racial Bias In Drug Hair Tests

The lawsuit claimed that the hair test discriminated against Black people because their hair is more susceptible to false positives.

Guyana Government Balks at Meeting Black U.S. Representatives

Citizens of African descent have accused the country’s government of racial discrimination.

What’s In The New CRA Rules That Are Intended Finally To End Discriminatory Lending Practices?

Some fair housing advocates say federal banking regulators missed an opportunity with its new rule overhaul.

United Airlines Flight Attendants Allege Discrimination On Chartered LA Dodgers Flights

Darby Quezada and Dawn Todd have accused the airline of racial and religious discrimination.

An Instagram Influencer Accused An Office Depot Of Racially Profiling Her Son

After purchasing printers at two Office Depots, Cassandra Wilcox said her son Anarrion Wilcox was discriminated against by an employee and harassed by local police

The Family Of A Black Student Is Suing Officials In Texas For Hair Discrimination

Darryl George, 17, has been serving an in-school suspension at Barbers Hill High School in Mont Belvieu because school officials said that his dreadlocks violate the district’s dress code.

Hooters To Pay Black Workers $650,000 In Lawsuit Settlement

The employees claimed they were subject to ‘racist comments and discriminatory hiring practices’ by the management team of the restaurant.

Most Americans Say Racial And Ethnic Discrimination Causes U.S. Political Divide: Poll

GOP-controlled legislatures have passed bills on diversity and other issues that impact the Black community.