Why Does Piers Morgan Think He Can Tell Us Who Can And Can't Use The "N Word"?

White privilege is a helluva drug.

Oh Piers Morgan. It almost pains me to embarrass you even further than the lovely job you do yourself, but you certainly take trolling people of color to a new level. Recently on Twitter, Piers Morgan unsurprisingly posed a jarring question asking if white people are allowed to use the “N” word if it is in rap lyrics. It was a poor attempt to blame Black rappers for white chicks in sororities saying a word they'd never utter in a room full of Black people. The level of audacious white privilege it takes to explain why Kanye is to blame for a group of white women singing “nigga” in the lyrics to “Gold-digger” is truly beyond me. His tweet was merely a snippet of disrespect to preface an impending column on the controversial subject.

I have concluded the only way Piers Morgan, a white male entertainment journalist, can stay relevant and true to his brand is to agitate people of color with his ridiculous and unwanted opinions on Black topics. Many people have given up on Piers’ efforts altogether and are encouraging others not to support his absurd click-bait.

Frankly, I am so tired of white people telling people of color how to feel when it comes to the “N” word. Especially white men of a generation that is so far removed from Millennials and Gen Xers… who probably shouldn’t even be ‘tweeting’ to begin with. It was a word originally used by white people of Morgan’s era and older, to maliciously abuse our ancestors and has now segued into a common term in urban vernacular to modestly describe anyone. Because its derivation refers to such a sensitive topic it is universally considered disrespectful to be said by non-blacks as it was derogatorily used enough when black people were enslaved. Using the “N” word is even controversially discussed among blacks of opposing generations since a lot of living members were slandered personally by the term even after slavery was “deemed” illegal. This is an emotional abuse and domestic terror a white American could never relate to as it was designed by them, an “elite” race that was never brutally enslaved.

I do agree in small part that because the N word is so loosely and regularly used in lyrics, social media, etc. it demures its crudity when WE use it. However, I will not entertain the perspectives of an old (privileged) white man or a bunch of blonde haired, blue-eyed (privileged) sorority girls. Some white people always seem to be searching for a way to take back the “N” word. Acting as though it’s original debased meaning and context was (once again) the fault of Blacks to begin with. They’re still holding contempt for our successful efforts to finesse a word birthed in hate and turn it into a sign of solidarity that is F.U.B.U.  Don’t tell me not to use a word or how to use a word that was once the only name I ever had or was referred as.

Being black is larger than skin color. Society, ethics, and lineage help cultivate black culture. We aren’t privileged for being able to rap about the N-word or use it in conversation. Eminem, who speaks of a similarly impoverished struggle and lifestyle as rappers of the black community has rarely ever used the N-word. He is also famously “under” privileged and grew up in the harshest neighborhood in Detroit. Not that all black people identify with being poor or from the hood, but his peers and friends that were people of color related to him in ways outside of skin color. It still doesn’t necessarily excuse Eminem for using the N-word, but he’d have a stronger leg to stand on being caught using it referring to a friend of his, etc.

Please Piers Morgan, people of color don’t need you to tell us anything about being black, how to feel about the N-word, and who’s allowed to say or sing it. Piers and the other (white) privileged members of their community can instead discuss amongst themselves why there is still a need for Neo-Nazis in America or people somehow believing Barack Obama is the president that “divided the nation” instead of Donald Trump. Explain to us how America will be great again because at this rate we are lucky we aren’t in shambles. Stick to what you know, Piers.. The next time you’re feeling like you want to speak out about rap lyrics and white women singing along, kindly remind yourself that you’re an eavesdropper. An interloper. This shit is for us.

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