'Sistas' Ep. 24 Recap: There's A Stranger In My House

Someone seeks revenge on a sista!

It seems none - not one - of the girls can catch a break. While Andi is busy bailing Gary out for the 100th time, Karen is running away from shank-wielding intruder, sent to avenge his sister's death. Goodness!

Check out what's happening in the lives of Karen ( (Ebony Obsidian), Andi (KJ Smith), Sabrina (Novi Brown) and Danni (Mignon Von) below!

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  1. KAREN

    "I'm willing to break the rules for you."

  2. While everyone's love life seems to be in shambles, Karen's and Aaron's appears somewhat promising. After dinner at Karen's house, Aaron helps clear the table, and doesn't hesitate for a second to put Karen atop of it. He tells Karen that despite leading a chaste life, he is willing to set his celibacy aside, and "break the rules," for her.

    Later on, after Aaron leaves, Karen exits her bedroom, only to find there is another man in her living room - an intruder! However, the plot thickens when the mystery man reveals he is Fawn's, Aaron's late wife's, brother. Wielding a knife, the attacker proceeds to try and attack Karen, who thinks fast and runs!

  3. ANDI

    "I need to get Gary out of jail!"

  4. Looks like Gary is back in the doghouse - and the jailhouse. After accidentally throwing Jasmine over a parking lot ledge, Gary's ex-wife survives the accident, and is taken to a local hospital. While there, she files charges against Gary, and he is immediately arrested for attempted murder. Andi goes to meet Gary at the police station under the guise of his acting attorney, and questions him about the accident. Instead, Gary seems more focused on moving some money to Andi's account. Although she hesitates at first, she soon agrees, and makes a call to Andi's business manager, who walks her through the next steps of the transaction.

    Andi also decides to stop by Jasmine's hospital room, to get her side of the story. While there, she also runs into Morris, who is at Jasmine's bed side. Jasmine, who is bruised all over, warns Andi that Gary will do the same to her, in due time.

    Later on, Andi is spotted picking Gary up from jail, and taking him to her home.


    "Andi, what's going on?"

  6. After visiting Maurice in the very same hospital, Sabrina tracks down Andi, and asks her what's going on. Sabrina tells Andi that she doesn't like, nor does she trust, Gary. She also tries to convince Andi to distance herself from Gary and his mess. During the conversation, Sabrina reminds Andi that she has been in an abusive relationship before, and has had a troubled love life. Sabrina also tries to imply that Andi's views on love may be jaded, and wants Sabrina to open her eyes (metaphorically speaking).

    However, Andi appears to be a glutton for heartache, and dismisses Sabrina's advice, as she heads out to go and bail Gary out.

  7. ZAC

    "Zac, meet Chris."

  8. While we didn't see our girl Dani in tonight's episode, we saw plenty of Zac- at her apartment. It's a full house at 'Chateau Dani.' While Zac and Karen's mother converse on the couch, another surprise visitor stops by. The visitor is actually Ms. Lisa's seemingly younger, but successful, boyfriend Chris. According to Ms. Lisa, she wants both Zac and Chris to talk to one another, in hopes of Chris rubbing off on Zac, and extending some business and motivational advice to him.




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