Tyler Perry's 'Ruthless' Episode 2 Recap: 'Precious Jewel'

Spoiler alert: When fools rush in, can they contend with the might of the Rakadushi?

At the end of episode two of Tyler Perry’s Ruthless, Lynn (Nirine S. Brown) has been detained by the Rakudushi, a sex cult led by The Highest, a man who believes he is Jesus Christ in the flesh. Lynn went to the Rakudushi’s compound without telling her husband Brian (Jaime Callica) and now things for her have gone from bad to worse!

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As episode two, “Precious Jewel,” opens, Lynn is being forced to drink water that has apparently been drugged and as a result, collapses to the floor. Andrew, the undercover agent that everyone has been trying to save, leaves her in a shed assuming she is out cold from the drugs and closes the door behind him.

However, minutes later Lynn stumbles out of the room into the haze of daylight. Before long she runs into Rakudushi leader, The Highest, who convinces her that she is in the presence of God. Lynn  pleads for help and starts rambling something about her dead dog. The Highest takes advantage of her confusion and tries to convince Lynn that her dog is here in paradise. Then he blows a mystical dust emanating green, purple and yellow hues into Lynn’s face leaving her once again, passed out on the ground looking like a Trinidadian carnival reveler the morning after Jourve.


Lynn meets The Highest.
Lynn meets The Highest.

Dikhan, the right hand of The Highest, finally brings Ruth and Callie to meet with the Rakudushi leader. He tells Ruth that she doesn’t have to bow because she has brought a child to him, making her an elder. Others will bow down to her now. Callie is given a new name, Ruby, but continues to insist her name is Callie. “Would you rather be a Callie or a precious jewel?” he asks.  Callie is sent to be with the other children and goes kicking and screaming. Other women elders take Ruth to be bathed and prepared as she enters this new phase of her commitment. 

When The Highest asks how Dikhan and Sister Tally got back to the compound with Callie, Dikhan uses the opportunity to rat out Tally for being disobedient and wrecking the car on the way back home forcing them to steal another vehicle. For her disobedience, Tally is demoted from being an elder and Ruth is assigned to take her place. Tally is told she will bear no children (but unbeknownst to him she is pregnant with Andrew’s baby). She protests that her daughter is here. The Highest says even though she is older and has “lost her purity,” he forgives her, but cannot forgive going three years without a child. 

“I forgive you but the Rakudushi want you to pay penance and be punished,” says the Highest.  

Andrew, who is secretly in love with Tally, takes her away to be beaten. “Think of it as love. The father is correcting in love."

Dikhan has been informed that the police are looking for the truck he and Tally stole and The Highest instructs him to “sacrifice the boy.” He is referring to a young man who has been locked in a wooden crate as punishment for a crime. Dikhan opens the box and asks him if he wants to be redeemed.  “Do you renounce the evil you have brought on this place?” The young man agrees and is handed a robe worn by the Rakadushi women to put on. “This is the only way you will be redeemed by the highest.”

Dikhan returns the truck to the owners, who are meeting with the local sheriff, and tells the old white couple that the boy is the one who stole it. The man isn’t buying it, but Dikhan insists that it was the boy dressed in a robe being a mischievous teen. He even offers to pay for the damage to the truck repeating, “We are a people of love.”

The white man scoffs, “You people are up to no good up there.” When Daikhan recoils, the man further explains, “I didn’t say it because you’re Black, I’m saying it because they’re weird.” 

The sheriff says he will let the boy go if he pays the couple for the truck and agrees to let him visit the compound to see what is going on.


Sarah wants answers about her husband.
Sarah wants answers about her husband.

Back at FBI headquarters, it’s reported that Lynn’s car is gone and Sarah, Andrew’s wife, has shown up to ask about the whereabouts of her husband. 

“He hasn’t called me in three weeks…everyone is lying to me.” After getting no satisfactory answers she storms off in frustration.

Brian’s boss, Mack, calls and tells Brian that his wife went to the compound and he immediately turns his car around. When Brian gets home, he finds Lynn laying in their bed covered in flowers and dust. He puts her in a tub of cold water to help revive her asking if she went to that cult. She mumbles something about their son and an abortion.  Then one of Brian’s fellow agents, Malcolm who is working undercover, comes into the house with his gun drawn. Malcolm says the Rakudushi are parked in a van across the street watching the house to see who comes or goes. Brian, of course, wants to run outside and confront them, but Malcolm says that will blow their case if he does. 

“We gotta get Andrew out of there. We’re going to get those sons of bitches.” Malcolm then agrees to take Lynn to the hospital.

While this is all going on Ruth is being prepared for her cleansing and her new status as an elder. After seeing Callie in the yard with other children, she is distraught, but an older woman cautions her saying, “There are spies and liars all over this place. Jesus had 12 and one was a devil.” She then sends her on her way to prepare for her bath. 

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