Rebels Without A Cause: Jason and Gayle Franklin’s 5 Wildest Moments

‘The Oval’ premieres Tuesday, February 16th at 10:30 pm.

Gayle and Jason Franklin, the children of President Hunter and First Lady Victoria Franklin, are out of control. But what should we expect? They are modeling behaviors they witness from their parents. If their demands are not met, they act out like the spoiled-rotten teenagers that they are. These siblings are a headache to their parents and the entire White House staff. Gayle and Jason have learned to manipulate, deceive, and cheat to get whatever they want. The action-packed, drama-filled first season of The Oval taught us that when it comes to Gayle and Jason Franklin, expect the unexpected.

In anticipation of even more craziness from Gayle and Jason Franklin, we at came up with Rebels Without A Cause: Jason and Gayle Franklin’s 5 Wildest Moments.

Tune in to Madea’s Farewell Play on Tuesday, February 16th at 8 pm PT/ET followed by the season 2 premiere of Tyler Perry’s The Oval at 10:30 pm PT/ET, only on BET.

  • 5. Gayle Accuses Barry Of Rape

    Gayle Franklin seems to hate everything and everybody. From the outset, Gayle shows how deceptive and cunning she can be. As the privileged, entitled daughter of The First Family, she thinks she can do whatever she wants and get away with it, including false accusations of rape! In season one's first episode, Gayle attempts to seduce Barry, who is at The White House to help his father who works on staff as a butler. She lures him into her bedroom and demands that the two of them get it on. Barry resists her illicit proposition and pushes her away, knocking her out as she hits her head. When she comes to, she accuses Barry of sexual misconduct, and his godfather Sam has to take him into custody, embarrassing him and his family in front of the entire staff.

  • 4. Gayle Hides In Jane’s Trunk To Go See Picky

    There is no doubt about it, Gayle is not feeling being cooped up in the White House, and she lets everyone know it with her horrible attitude. What she loves is her boyfriend Picky, a drug dealer whom her parents would not allow to come to their inauguration. She hatches a plan to leave 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by hiding in the trunk of Jane’s car who works on the staff of the White House in episode six of season one. Once there, she almost gets gang-raped after leaving Picky’s crib after Barry finds her there and tells Picky the truth about her. Robert saves her but Gayle still shows no appreciation.

  • 3. Gayle Gets a Lawyer To Emancipate Herself From Her Family

    Of course you've heard of divorcing a spouse, but divorcing your family? That's on another level for sure. Gayle can’t take living the lie her parents have carefully constructed and she wants out of the whole deal. The First Daughter decides to get a lawyer in episode 20 of season one to emancipate herself from her family which puts everyone in jeopardy, sullying their pristine public image. Gayle's lawyer threatens to go public with her case, causing all kinds of turmoil for The Franklins. And that's just the way Gayle likes it.

  • 2. Jason Constantly Exposes Himself In Public

    Without question, Jason is a troubled young man. He’s a creep and he knows it. He oddly seems to get enjoyment from his perverse ways. Jason is always creeping around The White House in his birthday suit creeping out the staff. And, he regularly watches pornographic content on his computer. In episode 13, the only son of The President and First Lady even pleasured himself at lunch in the presence of his mother, sister, and grandmother. That’s mad gross. Jason is dealing with serious sexual and emotional trauma and his sick, creepy actions are proof of it.

  • 1. Jason Rapes and Kills Jane

    From the moment he laid eyes on Jane, Jason was set on having her whether she wanted him or not. Jason used his position of power to constantly harass Jane who was simply trying to do her job. Throughout the first season, Jason would ask Jane inappropriate questions and took his shirt off in an attempt to seduce her. In the finale, Jason forces himself on Jane, rapes her, murders her, and leaves her lifeless body under his bed in one of the saddest and tragic scenes in the first season of The Oval. As he chokes the life out of Jane, he whispers, “I didn’t want this to happen again,” alluding to the fact that this was not his first time committing such deplorable acts.

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