‘Tyler Perry’s Ruthless’ Episode 1 Recap: 'Into The Woods'

We finally find out where Ruth took Callie and it is not good.

During the intense pilot episode of Tyler Perry's Ruthless, we pick up where The Oval left off, diving head first into the drama of the sex cult, The Rakudushi. We're re-introduced to Ruth Truesdale (Melissa L. Williams), new characters Brian (Jaime Callica,) Lynn (Nirine S. Brown,) Mack (Herve Clermont) and Dikhan (Lenny Thomas,) in addition to all-new drama as viewers follow the stories of the purple robed cult members.

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"You will never go back, you have a new daddy now, his name is The Highest!" 

Viewers see Callie's embattled journey to the cult's home base after she was taken from her father, Barry, and driven to an unknown destination. Callie, Ruth and three other members of the brainwashed cult crash en route.

Introducing the Mission

FBI agent Brian Rollins is recruited for an assignment to find the whereabouts of a possibly compromised undercover agent who infiltrated the cult, but has gone awol. 

Back at the compound, audiences are given a front-row seat to The Highest's power over his anti-government and anti-law flock who dabble in drug and child trafficking, including two abusive men who sternly uphold The Highest's rules, regulations and power. The Highest, government name Louis Tyrone Luckett (Matt Cedeño) the cult's god, rules over the group as the second coming of god. 

"She's going to be a problem."

After the crash, they steal another vehicle from a neighborhing house and drive to the compound. Upon arrival, Callie is taken into custody by the cult, despite Ruth's plea for her to stay with her for the evening. The young child finds her new home in a cabin on the isolated Virginia compound, equipped with dozens of wood bunk beds for kidnapped kids.

Mack and Brian plan their strategy.
Mack and Brian plan their strategy.

Unexpected Help From the Outside

Brian’s wife, Lynn, a former marine and police officer, offers to infiltrate the cult to help with her husband's case. She gives an ultimatum after lurking through her husband's case file, and is determined to work the case or threatens not to move out-of-state in spite. 

Not What it Seems

We discover one member of the dedicated cult, Andrew (Blue Kimble) who helped kidnap Callie, is the federal agent Brian was previously briefed about. In addition to his hidden identity, he professes his love for Tally (Yvonne Senat Jones) while she completes chores, encouraging her to stay the course. She reveals she's pregnant and he is the father.


Lynn meets Andrew.
Lynn meets Andrew.

"I was told you helped many in my situation."

Lynn seemingly takes matters into her own hands by visiting the cult's campgrounds, meeting Andrew at the gate. She proclaims her husband is beating her and is in need of an escape. After a tense conversation about items they found in her car,  Andrew keeps asking Lynn if she is thirsty. After a struggle, he and his cult members force her to consume what looks like water. 

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