EXCLUSIVE: Amber Rose Wants To Help You Have "The Safest Sex In The World"

MUVA Amber Rose just inked a $10M deal for her own sex toy collection.

Speaking to Amber Rose, it’s abundantly clear that she’s just one bad AF chick from Philly that loves her body, and is not afraid to be vocal about topics that are important to her Neo-feminists ideals.

Her highly publicized Amber Rose SlutWalk was created to bringing attention to the pain caused by pointless slut-shaming and the 34-year-old mother has swiftly become a “MUVA” of sexual awareness—maybe even a sex pioneer. 

Using her platform of over 16.7 million Instagram followers, Amber has become a serious advocate for self-love and exploration, so it only made sense when she announced the next entrepreneurial notch on her belt would be inking a $10 million deal with the world’s leading designer sex toy brand, LELO.

Although, the sex toy industry will be worth close to $30 billion by 2030, there's still folks that think it’s taboo to talk about self-pleasure and sex toys. Amber is ready to shake up those barriers, one vibrator at a time.

Recently, had the opportunity to have some pillow talk with Amber about everything from sex toys to masturbation tips and let’s just say, her goal is to pull the covers from your eyes so you can see the truth about what she considers, “the safest sex in the world.”

(Photo: Trevor Traynor/ via STARTR CO.)
(Photo: Trevor Traynor/ via STARTR CO.)

On why she decieded to venture into the sex toys biz...

“I wanted to develop a really cool line— kind of for everyone. We have a [sex] toy for couples. We have a toy if you like penetration and clitoris stimulation. We have a little bit for everybody! I wanted to have a little bit for everyone so that they can try different things,” Amber excitedly shared.

On why she thinks women are ashamed of their sexual desires...

“I feel like it’s been like that since the beginning of time, that we are unworthy of pleasure and if we do want a sex toy, we’re considered freaky or ho-ish. I personally don’t believe that. I feel like it’s a beautiful thing to be able to explore your body and get to know yourself. I’m a huge advocate for masturbation, it’s the safest sex in the world. And there’s nothing like knowing your own body and even introducing toys into your sex like. Even with your partner because as women, you don’t orgasm every time you have sex, so to get a little extra boost and a little extra help there is nothing wrong with that!”

On getting rid of the negative stigma attached to self-pleasure…

“I think just being vocal about it [sex toys] and doing interviews like this really helps to let people know they shouldn’t feel ashamed. Whether you’re young or older, or if you’re a mom you still deserve to feel pleasure and be happy. As human beings we’re sexual beings, we’re just born that way and we shouldn’t frown on it or shame it.”

On why choosing the BEST sex toy is important…

“Listen, I’m for everyone picking and choosing what they want to do in their life. I feel like if you’re going to get a sex toy, get the best of the best and LELO is the best of the best. Maybe it’s not your thing, but I don’t see anything wrong with actually trying it because you might actually love it.”

(Photo: Trevor Traynor/ via STARTR CO.)
(Photo: Trevor Traynor/ via STARTR CO.)

On her favorite sex toy…

“I love all of them equally. We have two toys in my line that are for men as well. One is a ring that goes around the penis and it vibrates. The other one is a prostate stimulator that kinda has a hook that goes around and can go under the balls or you can turn it around the other way. I had a couple of my guy friends and my assistants try it out and they said it was absolutely amazing!”

On masturbation tips for women…

“If you are new at it and you’re of age, I would suggest porn and looking up masturbation porn to figure out and try different things that you might not necessarily think of because you never really know what you like until you try it. I think porn actually can help you in that way where you’re like ‘oh I never thought of that,’ maybe you try it and you’ll be presently surprised that it worked for you.”

On being considered a sex symbol…

“Umm... I don’t know if I’m a sex symbol. I don’t look at myself as that. I’m just Amber from Philly, honestly. That’s how I look at myself. I don’t know. That’s cool. That’s flattering if people look at me like that.” 

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