Russell Simmons Had A Mouthful For Tiffany Haddish And Her Police Brutality Protest...

"I love you Tiffany but I wish you could reconsider this route of protest..."

Tiffany Haddish ruffled some feathers (no pun intended) in the animal rights and activism community last week with a certain Instagram post announcing her new means of protesting police brutality.

In a nutshell, Tiff sees it likes this: so long as police brutality goes unchecked by the masses who lend their voices to injustices such as animal cruelty, their causes will also go overlooked by her and her lavish furs she plans to rock all 2019. The Night School actress’ comments quickly ignited with warfare as some fans denounced her new form of protest, threatening to drop out of the T. Had fandom. Others thought it all to be a rather swell idea to bargain off with those who have consistently ignored the premises of the Black Lives Matter and other movements concerning anti-police brutality against Blacks.

While it first appeared that Def Jam co-founder and famed yogi Russell Simmons stood for the arguments of the former, he actually took Tiff’s stance and painted it into a larger, overreaching message that those standing against her should listen up to ASAP.

  • ‘I’m gonna wear fur every day until the police stop killing black people,’ Tiffany jovially announced in the video

    “When police stop killing Black people, I’ll stop wearing fur. It’s my new protest. So sorry PETA, don’t be mad at me! Be mad at the police!”

  • Simmons wasn’t all for her approach though…

    He commented that while “white supremacy is a disease that takes on many forms and has many symptoms, the abuse of other beings will not address that.” He believes that such a means of protest is also ineffectual in healing the Black community and urged Tiffany to second-guess her course of action with this in mind. “I love you Tiffany but I wish you could reconsider this route of protest.”

  • He continued with a word on practicing peace toward all of God’s creatures

    His alternative? Perhaps addressing those who have remained silent on the plights of Black citizens’ head-on. “Your silence is LOUD and unless you too speak up with me you are guilty of all that your brothers and sisters do by not speaking you [allow it] to happen,” he elaborated in more comments on her post.

  • Tiff’s industry counterparts like Christian Keyes and Nick Cannon had no qualms with her approach, however

     And even laid down some facts for her critics…

  • Ultimately, Rush understood exactly where Tiff was coming from too though

    And took to his Instagram to further extend the conversation. The fact that so many African-Americans support wearing fur as an act of protest against police abuse should be seen by the activist communities as a sign that we (the Black community) feel frustrated and alone and that Black lives don’t seem to matter to you,” his post reads.

    As for those who have phoned him up to complain about Tiff’s approach, he’d like them to consider the source of her contempt as well. “Hurt people hurt people,” he wrote in the caption. “The Black community is hurting and they should not feel like they have to go [at it] alone…” Rush mentioned that he sees attitudes such as Tiffany’s and her supporters of the protest as a call for help considering that the same people who occupied other major causes against injustices such as Occupy Wallstreet, animal rights activism and the Women’s March are frequently absent for those which affects Black citizens. “We are the compassionate ones that we are waiting for…we must stand up for each other,” he said. “Please let’s all be sensitive to ALL suffering and although I think the form of protest is misguided, I do acknowledge that it is a call for help…do you?”

  • *Cues slow clap*…

    See some of his other exchanges with fans about Tiff’s animal welfare and police brutality controversy below.

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