Khloé’s New Baller Boo Has a Pregnant Ex — and That’s Not All!

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Khloé’s New Baller Boo Has a Pregnant Ex — and That’s Not All!

Tristan Thompson allegedly has a lot of baggage.

PUBLISHED ON : SEPTEMBER 18, 2016 / 03:40 PM

Khloé Kardashian hasn't been shy about showing off her new relationship with NBA player Tristan Thompson, but it looks like she might want to be careful about giving her heart — and other stuff — to the Cleveland Cavaliers player.

According to sources, Thompson isn't exactly single. In fact, he and his "ex" — a young lady who is related to a major A-list star — are expecting a baby together. But that's not all: in addition to his baby's mother, Thompson also allegedly has a side chick in the mix. The tea is overflowing on Khloé's new man, who just signed an $82 million contract with the Cavaliers, so we'll do our best to break it down.

According to Fameolous, Tristan's ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig, who is the cousin of Kevin Hart's wife Eniko Parrish, is reportedly almost three months pregnant with Thompson's child. The couple reportedly split up because of Thompson's cheating ways, and now a source close to Craig posted a warning to Khloé that he hasn't and won't give up his side chick:

Oops!👀 📨 Tip: please double check your facts about Jordan fameoulous. YES Jordan is pregnant. 3 months to be exact. She DOES be on social media. TWITTER @alleyesonjordyc in fact she posted videos on her twitter account its been 16 days due to her busy with her career and the pregnancy. if you want the whole 411 scoop why they broke up im gonna just tell you. As you may know JORDAN is also related to kevin hart wife ENIKO. Jordan didn't go to Eniko's (Her Cousin) bridal vacation in the Dominican Republic and Miami. She never usually misses Eniko's events.I say their relationship is rocky and unstable when they were together at one point. Very private kept their business of the streets etc. They are constantly off and on, it seems like after that second break up, he no longer shows her off in public not too much. Tristan is a straight ass fucking DOG! HE talks shit about her to his friends saying that he only keeps her around as a sex buddy which is a LIE. They have a house in northern part of California. He's also been creeping with that ig chick @Freedarealest. I don't know if they are currently together, but the last time she posted about being at his game was the beginning of June I believe. Basically the reason why they broke up because Tristan been creeping with that IG chick and Khloe at the same time. Khloe just dont know that other girl not going anywhere no time soon. Plus Tristan and Jordan been arguing over the fact that she is pregnant. Jordan is keeping the kid. Just thought you should know. If you dont know who Freedarealest is haaha same girl who got her fame from fucking drake and other NBA ballers. #khloekardashian #tristanthompson #fameolousexclusive #nbatea #hollywoodtea #thottea

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Other sources are telling Bossip a different story. The unidentified insider says it's true Jordan is pregnant and Tristan is a cheater, they are still very much together — or at least were before Tristan popped up all over Snapchat making out with Khloé:

Meanwhile, Team Khloé isn't happy about this new relationship, either. “She can’t seem to break the pattern. Her friends are trying to help Khloe stop making the same mistakes, but she won’t listen to them,” the Bossip source continued. “She just wants to be in love and forget about Lamar [Odom], but she keeps looking in the wrong place. She’s trying to get over him again. But she’s not ready to change her dating patterns yet. Tristan’s just a short-term fix."

Sounds very, very complicated. Hopefully Khloé knows what she's doing, especially after having her heart broken by more than one NBA player. Get the scoop on Khloé's last beau, before Tristan, with BET Breaks, above.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photos from left: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Allergan, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)


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