12 Days of Pride: Do You Know the LGBT Origins of Your Favorite Slang?

12 Days of Pride: Do You Know the LGBT Origins of Your Favorite Slang?

Shangela spills the tea.

Published June 22, 2017

The latest installment of 12 Days of Pride is all about the slang that seem to be routinely used, today, by some of your favorite television personalities and public figures. However, like Madonna and the phenomenon of voguing, they didn't originate the style — the LGBT community is solely to thank for that.

Pop culture favorites like Tamar Braxton, NeNe Leakes and Nicki Minaj have made queer speak a major part of their respective brands, and it's all thanks to the genius of their queer fans.

"You can't talk about the 12 Days of Pride without talking about queer speak," Shangela says. "Queer speak refers to the LGBT influence, or our slang, that is being used so much right now in mainstream and pop culture. Gays, remember. Some of these words came from us."

Wadley continues, "Words like 'Yas,' and 'Yas queen,' and 'werk,' and 'get your life.' Where do you think these words came from? Two good Judies, which is slang for homegirl, two good Judies sitting together sippin' some tea - not real tea but spilling tea, you know what that came from - gays, uh-huh. Sippin' some team, and spillin' the tea to each other. Now we love everybody to use the phrase, yes indeed, but can I get $20 dollars?" She adds, "So baby, go forth, speak, and prosper!"

See what else Shangela has to say about queer speak with BET Celebs, above.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)


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