Is Andrew Caldwell Still ‘Delivert?'

Is Andrew Caldwell Still ‘Delivert?'

Find out how he feels about church, sex and more in "I Went Viral.”

Published September 5, 2018

Andrew Caldwell infamously went viral back in 2014 after a video of him claiming he was "delivert" spread like wildfire across social media.

Now, some four years later, we are touching base with the viral sensation to find out if anything's changed.

In the latest clip from our I Went Viral series, Caldwell shares the specific details that led up to the moment he grabbed the mic at the pulpit and the shocker that happened the morning after.

Watch the interesting personality share how he no longer "gets hard for men," in the clip, above, and also see him share some back story of how he joined that particular church.

You've never quite seen anything like this...

Written by John Justice

(Photo: BET)


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