Morehouse Students Displaced By Coronavirus Get Relief From Generous Alumni Fund

ATLANTA, GA - FEBRUARY 17:  A general view at the 2018 Reflections Of Excellence at Morehouse College on February 17, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Morehouse Students Displaced By Coronavirus Get Relief From Generous Alumni Fund

The “Funds for Morehouse” campaign gave more than $260,000.

Published April 17th

Written by BET Staff

When coronavirus began to take hold of the country, closing workplaces and schools, most colleges switched to online-only classes and that included HBCUs like Morehouse College. 

But “distance learning” proved to be a challenge for students who don’t have access to housing, computers and internet outside of the Atlanta University Center campus, and would not be able to continue studying upon its closure. However, a large donation from alumni and supporters as part of its “Funds for Morehouse” campaign has enabled such students to remain in virtual class.

“Our generous alumni and supporters have donated more than $260,000 to help the men of Morehouse make a successful transition to online instruction,” said Monique Dozier, vice president of Morehouse’s Office of Institutional Advancement. “More than 700 people made donations. The contributions are still coming in proving that even during a global crisis, the benevolent brotherhood at Morehouse College remains strong.”

Dozier explained that the funds are necessary because many students, who are eligible for financial aid, are having difficulties covering the costs of moving back to their homes.

Morehouse College Division of Student Services says so far about $80,000 has been spent on housing and meals. Another $2,000 has been spent for students who needed help paying travel expenses.

The school has found temporary housing at an Atlanta hotel for a group of 20 students in need and they’ve even been assigned residence advisers to continue the sense of community they had while staying on campus.

“Some of our students didn’t have a place to go,” said senior Daquan Spratley, a residence advisor who is watching over students at an Atlanta hotel. “For me personally, I was in a panic after Spring Break with having to move back home and then return for graduation. The facility that they have provided for us is nice. We have meals and WiFi.” 

He continues, “We take our classes online, but also talk and play board games to build community. Having this opportunity has changed our living situation, and it shows how much the administration cares about us. For that, I am really grateful.”

Paras Griffin / Contributor


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