Newest ‘RHOA’ Cast Member Says NeNe Leakes ‘Lacks Empathy For Black Women’

MIAMI, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 01: NeNe Leakes attends the 2020 MAXIM Big Game Experience on February 01, 2020 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images for MAXIM)

Newest ‘RHOA’ Cast Member Says NeNe Leakes ‘Lacks Empathy For Black Women’

Latoya Ali is in a Twitter war with the reality star OG.

Published July 27th

Written by BET Staff

NeNe Leakes’ status on the Real Housewives of Atlanta is in limbo but there is already drama between herself and one of the newest cast members, YouTube star Latoya Ali.

On July 24, Leakes tweeted, “Have you ever worked with a sociopath who used you for their personal gain to achieve what they want for themselves?”

Although Leakes didn’t mention anyone by name, Ali quickly responded with, “You lack empathy for Black women.”

Ali also added,  “As a result of your ‘diva’ behavior my aunt lost her contract in Toronto because of your comments towards black women, leaving a black woman’s job in jeopardy. Remember when you appeared on the shopping channel?”

See below:

Leakes quickly responded by reposting an Instagram message from an unknown person who allegedly worked at the channel, “Looks like my Canadian peeps from the channel is speaking out!”

The post, from a person with the handle sweetginama, claimed Ali was lying, “That’s incorrect Latoya. Your aunt lost her contract because she came in on a date she wasn’t scheduled as a guest and waited outside of Nene’s dressing room for most of the day, essentially stalking her. Then she came and borrowed clothing from the collection to wear and take pictures with Nene.”

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The post continued, “She wasn’t authorized to do any of that and technically shouldn’t have even been in the building at all. I worked for the network at the time and was Styling that show. You aunt acted unprofessionally period. [want to make sure this reads like this] Don’t put out false information. I have respect for you, but that’s not what happened at all.”


Leakes bolstered the claims by following up with, “We can not allow them to continue to Pit us up against one another! Tarnish our name, brands and all we’ve worked for. This is common practice! They build you up then tear you down #staywoke #wearepowerfulinnumbers.”

Ali has yet to respond to Leakes latest comment.

(Photo by Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images for MAXIM)


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