Kevin McCall Has Brought Chris Brown's Ex, Karrueche, Into Their Beef

Kevin McCall Has Brought Chris Brown's Ex, Karrueche, Into Their Beef

She wants nothing to do with their drama.

Published June 9, 2016

Chris Brown and Kevin McCall have been at each other's throats lately, with clapback after clapback.

The former friends have been exchanging fighting words to the point where they have talked about taking their beef off of social media to actually put their paws on each other. 

In the latest blow against Breezy, McCall has stooped to a new low by attempting to bring Karrueche into the ring.

McCall posted on Twitter in response to another comment asking the two R&B crooners to stop beefing, referring to Karrueche as "Baereuche" and saying the two are going to get together next to "make a baby" and name her "Loyalty Crown McCall."

Baereuche was a nickname the actress was absolutely not here for, responding, "man if you don't get the f**k outta here with this s**t."

"Love, Baerucche is a song title actually but if the show fits rock 'em Baby face," McCall posted on Twitter in response.

Karrueche, Brown's ex-girlfriend, has expressed she has zero interest in getting involved with their never-ending drama, shutting him down on Twitter by asking, "you finished or you done?"

We have to admit, that's a good question.

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Written by KC Orcutt


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