Bankroll Fresh's Childhood Friend Confesses to Involvement in His Murder, Atlanta PD Responds

ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 28:  Rapper Bankroll fresh attends DJ Holidays Birthday celebration at Compound on November 28, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

Bankroll Fresh's Childhood Friend Confesses to Involvement in His Murder, Atlanta PD Responds

His alleged shooter has come forward to recall the night in question.

Published July 8, 2016

Earlier in March this year, rising Atlanta rapper Bankroll Fresh, real name Trentavious White, was killed as a result of a shooting that took place at a recording studio. As the investigation initially shared, dozens of shell casings were discovered at the scene and, to this day, a suspect still has yet to be named.

Months later, No Plug, one of Fresh’s childhood friends, has come forward during an exclusive interview with VladTV detailing his account of the night’s chaotic events and how they transpired.

While No Plug possibly could be Fresh’s alleged killer, the Atlanta police department reached out to Complex, confirming that they have “reviewed the case and will not be seeking any indictments in the case.”

During the conversation, No Plug discusses his friendship with Fresh, detailing how the two were friends since the age of 10 and didn’t have many disagreements aside from dating the same girl at one point.

On March 5, 2016, the night that Fresh died as a result of gunfire, No Plug goes over the details of the event while hinting at self-defense. 

“He came out with his gun and s**t, and s**t happened,” No Plug says, recounting how he allegedly was confronted by 10 to 15 men. “When he came out, [he was] playing with the s**t. Just playing with the s**t. He fired a shot. And s**t happened. We pulled off. He ended up dead. As simple as s**t was.”

“He pulled the gun,” No Plug continues. “Shot the motherf**ker. Couple shots got fired back. He got hit. I leave. Next thing you know, folks calling me saying, ‘Fresh is dead.’ I call my lawyer … Gucci Mane’s lawyer, get him $10,000, go down to the homicide. Tell Ms. Benton everything, and s**t, everything was great. End of story.”

The interview is equal parts perplexing and controversial, with many confused as to why No Plug wasn’t further questioned by police. 

“The investigation is still ongoing,” the Atlanta Police Department responded in a statement. “There were no updates made available to us for release at this time. If any significant developments occur in this homicide investigation, we will advise.”

Watch the interview in full below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage)


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