Kanye West Said He Supports Donald Trump and the Internet Exploded

(Photos from left: Scott Olson/Getty Images, Scott Dudelson/FilmMagic)

Kanye West Said He Supports Donald Trump and the Internet Exploded

Another one bites the dust.

Published November 18, 2016

Kanye West’s controversial rhetoric never ceases to amaze (or confuse) us. But we must say, this might be one for the books.

Now that rants have become a staple for any Yeezy stage, his politically-charged conversation during the California pit stop on the second leg of the Saint Pablo Tour came as no surprise. His avid support for President-elect Donald Trump, however, did.

In the video posted by a concertgoer, Kanye reminds the crowd that he didn’t vote, but if he did, Trump would have been his candidate of choice. Though the 20-second clip ends when the crowd’s boos begin to ensue, another Twitter user present at the performance reports that he continued defending his stance. Adding that he “is not judging Trump supporters,” he welcomed both Clinton and Trump supporters to his concerts. Now that the election is over, the “Black Skinhead” rapper also reportedly revealed that Clinton only seemed to be in the lead because of “the internet.”

"Echoing is what made people think Hillary was going to win. You thought because what the internet was telling you, that she was gonna win,” the tweets allege. "Don't believe what you see when you see it on the internet, it might have been tampered with."

Calling the current state of American politics divisive, Yeezy also hinted again at his 2020 presidential run, which he’s still holding strong to. After calling celebrities and rappers the most prominent influencers of our time, he allegedly feels a seat in the Oval Office would suit him perfectly.

“Kanye just said he thinks he'll have the experience in 2020 to run for office,” the user tweeted. “I'm dead serious, Kanye just said he's preparing for 2020.”

Despite his passion in the political sphere and reasoning behind support for Trump, the undefeated entity of the internet still was not having it. Digging up his 2005 comments where he boldly proclaimed that George Bush doesn’t care about Black people, Twitter had its turn with his contradictory newfound political stance.

Peep what Kanye had to say, and the internet's response, below:

  1. What Kanye Said

    #Pressplay: #KanyeWest tells his fans that he didn't vote but if he did he would've been #TeamTrump 👀

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    #Pressplay: Oh y'all thought #KanyeWest was finished 😩 #DonaldTrump (view previous post)

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    #Pressplay: #KanyeWest also had a message for Black people....

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Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Scott Olson/Getty Images, Scott Dudelson/FilmMagic)


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