Plies and Khia Are Taking Some Harsh Shots at Each Other on Instagram

(Photos from left: Prince Williams/FilmMagic, Prince Williams/WireImage)

Plies and Khia Are Taking Some Harsh Shots at Each Other on Instagram

These two aren't playing fair at all.

Published January 6, 2017

In another random celebrity feud popping up via social media, Tampa’s hip-hop femcee Khia and Florida’s golden-grilled rap star Plies have entered the digital ring.

To say the least, both rappers aren’t handing out any cut cards.

The random tension started when Khia posted a slew of videos on her Instagram alleging that there may be a little more to Plies’ sexuality than we know. Explaining that he’s been a “fairy,” Khia went on to say that she had seen it all along while everyone else was “ignoring the signs.”

So, what exactly are these signs she's referring to? According to Khia, his feminine mannerisms are evident in his viral social media videos as well.

“Y’all know I don’t care for Plies,” she said in one of the clips.

Khia went on to explain that some people even tell her that she sounds like Plies, to which she responded, “No, he sounds like me. He sounds like a woman.” She went on to compare Plies to the late, great Prince, calling him the new version of the Purple One for his choice of “pink and purple” colors in wardrobe as well.

It didn’t take long for the “Shawty” rapper to catch up to Khia’s sentiments, as he posted a response video that chopped her claims down to mere comedy. In his usual selfie camera footage, he chuckles happily as he jabs back at the “My Neck, My Back” rapper.

“I told her don’t get mad at me because don’t nobody want that little dirty p***y,” he said as he continued his uncontrollable laughter in front of the camera. “I’ll pour some water on that little dirty p***y, that p***y would turn into mud.”

Not too long after, Khia reposted the video and added a lengthy caption in response to Plies, heralding her “he took the bait” victory for his reply.

“Listen to this sugar sweet, WB frog mouth-looking a** fairy vocal range,” she wrote. “Wait for the ‘sigh’ towards the end though.”

Referencing his oft-compared celebrity look-a-like Kirk Franklin, she then jeered about his high-low pitched vocal range.

“This b***h balls been clipped,” she continued. “Y’all hear his b***h a** laughter.”

Yikes — what’s got everybody off to this kind of start so early in 2017?

Check out the shots the two are unloading on each other below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Prince Williams/FilmMagic, Prince Williams/WireImage)


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