Someone Turned Beyoncé's Pregnancy Announcement Photo into an Enormous Mural

Someone Turned Beyoncé's Pregnancy Announcement Photo into an Enormous Mural

Simply iconic.

Published February 11, 2017

Beyoncé really is too good to us. As a result, naturally, sometimes fans really do the most to thank the singer for everything she is, everything she does and everyone she inspires. Needless to say, we're more than here for it.

As we all know, the singer kicked off #BlackHistoryMonth in the most legendary way, by way of announcing she is pregnant with twins. Since then, she went on to break a world record with her Instagram announcement, as well as debuted a stunning series of maternity photos with her daughter Blue Ivy. Not only that, but she also decided to commit to performing at the Grammys this weekend and Coachella in April, despite carrying twins. With all of this getting us deep in our feelings, one artist decided to show a little love to the singer in a huge way.

An anonymous artist decided to pay tribute to Beyoncé's pregnancy photo, as well as immortalize the iconic moment, by creating a five-story mural of it somewhere in Melbourne, Australia.

The artist, known as LushSux, hinted on Instagram that he was working on the concept last week and over the weekend, fans got their first glimpse of the gorgeous tribute mural.

The best part? It was only a matter of time until another pregnant woman posed for a photo in front of the massive mural. The artist himself also chose to recreate the pose in front of his work, posting on Instagram, "Five stories of Beyoncé. Does it look like I'm expecting twins too?"

When your pregnancy photo is turned into a five-story piece of street art, you know you did something right. Well done, Queen Bey.

Take a look at the epic new mural in the clips below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Beyonce via Instagram)


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