Morris Day Honors Prince's Legacy With Heartfelt New Single 'Over That Rainbow'

Morris Day Honors Prince's Legacy With Heartfelt New Single 'Over That Rainbow'

The "Purple Rain" costar pays tribute to his fallen friend.

Published April 21, 2017

year ago today (April 21) the world as we knew it changed forever with the passing of music icon Prince.

As we look back at his legacy, as well as review what the first calendar year following his tragic death was like, his longtime friend and collaborator Morris Day has released a new single in tribute, referring to the beautiful ballad as his "way of saying goodbye."

The track, "Over That Rainbow," which was co-produced by Snoop Dogg, is also accompanied by a heartfelt music video, which weaves together images of striking landscape scenes — with each frame washed in a purple hue, of course — and follows Day as he remembers his fallen brother.

On the one-year anniversary of Prince's untimely passing, many are taking to social media to reflect on the mark that the legendary musician left on the world and on our hearts, with Day looking back at the last time he saw Prince in person, back in February 2016.

"I was there at Paisley Park and we did a show," Day recalled during a recent interview. "[Prince] was adamant about having us come in, me and my band, and do the show."

He then noted that such a request wouldn't have been surprising if it fell through, adding that Prince, "was the kind of guy who had no problem with changing his mind."

The day of their last fateful meeting, Day shares that the two spent time together after the performance and enjoyed each other's company, explaining that they hadn't seen each other in a long time.

“It made me reflect,” Day adds, mentioning that two months after this particular gathering, Prince passed. “Did he know something or was he just feeling in alignment with the same divine path I feel like — which is, you just follow your gut... I didn’t know if he felt like something was wrong and he wanted to, in his own way, say goodbye or if it was just by chance."

Take a look at Morris Day honoring the late Prince with his tribute song "Over That Rainbow" in the video below.

Written by KC Orcutt


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