Here's How Nicki Minaj's Post About Gabrielle Union Turned Into A Classy Clapback

Here's How Nicki Minaj's Post About Gabrielle Union Turned Into A Classy Clapback

Simmer down, Barbs.

Published April 26, 2018

After dropping off two singles from her dangerously anticipated 2018 musical return, Nicki Minaj is keeping the curtain closed on the even more highly anticipated visuals behind the tracks.

One fan is becoming increasingly impatient, though, and voiced her contempt with the Young Money raptress beneath a celebratory post of Gabrielle Union. But for Ms. Minaj, it simply wasn’t the time or place, and she promptly reminded the fan of that.

The video in question featured Gabby quoting a standout line from Nicki’s “Chun-Li”: “I been on!” (minus the b**ch). This apparently ignited more impatience from the fan account titled “nicki4theculture,” who pressed her to quit with the non-music-related posts and get back to the music.

“WE NEED A TOP 5 and u posting gabby,” the fan wrote.

Nicki’s lengthy response was pretty much a public service announcement for all of the fans inquiring about her next moves.

“Fans can’t even enjoy the music anymore,” she responded. “Smh. We don’t live in the moment. We’re always too busy worrying about the next one. I don’t NEED anything.”

Nicki’s living her best life, she reminded, and that’s in part due to all the love she’s received from her devout fan base. Panicking to push out her own content isn’t on the agenda either, and she doesn’t want any over-excitement to water down the true essence of music culture.

“Music isn’t about this,” she said. “Before social media, ppl just enjoyed the music. You don’t have to be an A&R or record exec babe. You’ll get the videos as soon as EYE get the videos. But telling me who, what & when to post gets you blickity blocked.”

Thankfully, the self-dubbed Generous Queen was feeling kind enough to let the fan’s pushy sentiments slide, she concluded, and she assured that the wait will be all worthwhile for the Barbs.

“You’ll love the album & you’ll love the tour,” she said. “Just breathe. Relax. You guys have done more than enough. Your support is unmatched. Love always, #ChunLi.”

And that’s that.

See her PSA applicable to all the Barbs below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images, Michael Stewart/Getty Images)


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