Report: Here's The Sad Reason Cardi B Turned Herself Into New York Police Today

performs onstage during the 2018 Global Citizen Concert at Central Park, Great Lawn on September 29, 2018 in New York City.

Report: Here's The Sad Reason Cardi B Turned Herself Into New York Police Today

A video of the Bronx femcee shielding herself from paparazzi while heading into the facility has surfaced.

Published October 1, 2018

The volatile strip club scuffle that broke out between Bronx rap star Cardi B, her crew and two bartenders unfortunately resulted in bad news for the 25-year-old: a New York police surrender, as reported by TMZ.

According to several sources, the altercation at Angels Strip Club in Queens, New York, began after Cardi’s confrontation with a woman she allegedly suspected of sleeping with her Migos rap star husband, Offset (who was also in attendance). The skirmish didn’t quite come to blows, but instead resulted in drink-throwing, chair-tossing and even hurled hookah equipment. The club was shut down afterward, and security was able to step in and dissolve the situation before things got too out of hand. Now, unfortunately, the law is stepping in, and they’ve got the incident, as well as two charges for Cardi, in its hands.   

  1. According to TMZ, Bardi will ‘likely’ be charged with two misdemeanors in connection to the incident

    The site claims reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct will now occupy Cardi’s rap sheet. Thankfully, she won’t be arrested upon turning herself in though, TMZ said, but will receive a court summons to face the charges.  

    One of the site’s alleged sources also claims that, contrary to the belief that she came to the club already prepared to throw blows, the incident was circumstantial and only escalated after someone threw the first drink. 

  2. Invasively, TMZ also captured a video of the ‘Invasion of Privacy’ femcee headed in to the surrender

    Concealed by black umbrellas, Cardi made her way past the meddling reporters and flash-happy paparazzi as the TMZ reporter slung questions at her about whether she believes this situation will “teach [her] a lesson about violence.”

    See a video of Bardi peacefully parlaying at the club before the bartender versus Bardi crew affray erupted. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Michael Kovac/FilmMagic)


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