Wait, Was Cardi B & Offset's Breakup A Publicity Stunt?

Wait, Was Cardi B & Offset's Breakup A Publicity Stunt?

The streets have some eye-opening theories.

Published December 5, 2018

In spite of their precarious relationship, Cardi B announced that she and her husband, Offsetare "no longer together." Mr. and Mrs. Cephus eloped last September in a very intimate ceremony and confirmed the spiraling rumors of their nuptials earlier this year. However, the Migos star allegedly got caught slipping, and it seems his wife has had enough. 

Bardi admitted that she'd "been tryna work things out" for an undisclosed period of time. However, the "Be Careful" femcee feels that they "fell out of love," but "it's nobody's fault."

  1. Yet, fans still wonder if this unforseen news is just a ploy to garner more attention for their impending releases

    Offset's solo album is set to drop on December 14, and it's rumored that Bardi has a music video coming soon. If the broadcast is just a twisted ruse, that's one f**ked up way to gain promo.

    Let's hope, for Kulture's sake, they can resolve their woes offline.

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photos from left: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartMedia, Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images)


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