Cardi B Hands Vicious Clapback To Trolls Bashing Her For "Performing" Next To Patriots Owner, Robert Kraft

attends Fanatics Super Bowl Party at College Football Hall of Fame on February 2, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cardi B Hands Vicious Clapback To Trolls Bashing Her For "Performing" Next To Patriots Owner, Robert Kraft

"Talking real loud without knowing wtf you talking about."

Published February 4th

The Super Bowl had everyone in a frenzy this past weekend and for good reason. Colin Kaepernick still isn’t signed with a team and Janet Jackson is still blacklisted for an unintentional nip-slip in 2004. So, while the majority of us internet folk were boycotting the Atlanta-based festivities and celebrating our own holidays (Black History Month, Janet Jackson Appreciation Day, #Kaeperbowl), some who initially agreed to join the boycott alliance reneged on their word. Cardi B was a top-rumored contender to make a guest appearance during the Halftime show, alongside Travis Scott and Maroon 5, but firmly declined publicly. After getting some backlash, she revealed the decision was hard on, not only her, but her husband, Offset as well.

It’s not like she wasn’t able to secure any bags, though. The Grammy-nominated femcee starred in a Pepsi commercial and performed at Super Bowl prison reform party with Meek Mill and NFL Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, a known Trump supporter. Oddly enough, Kraft visited the Philly emcee while he was incarcerated, but hasn't used his powers to reinstate Kaepernick as a professional football player.

  1. All of that had many flooding social media calling her a hypocrite, screaming, "make it make sense."
  2. However, As far as her Pepsi deal goes…

    This wasn’t an one-off. One fan dragged her by saying, “You ain’t slick… How were you remotely standing/kneeling with Kaep? All money ain’t good money, Belcalis” and Bardi fired back by admitting that her commercial is the first of many. “I got paid to do commercials  FOR THE WHOLE YEAR. I got like 4 to go soooooo f**k is you saying? Talking real loud without knowing wtf you talking about.”

  3. Now, when it comes down to her performance...

    One fan wrote, “dancing with the owner of the Patriots really are u that stupid?” The “Get Up 10” rapper replied, “first of all, I don’t know him because I really don’t watch football period! Second, that was a prison reform party and if you look on meek page, he told him to get on stage so stfu.”

    You can view the evidence below.

  4. Cardi has not apologized for her performance, but peep her series of clapbacks below.

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Fanatics)


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