Ja Rule Is Offering Tax Services And Twitter Has Jokes

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ â   NOVEMBER 21:  Ja Rule performs at The Pool After Dark at Harrah's Resort on Wednesday November 21, 2018 in Atlantic City, New Jersey (Photo by Tom Briglia/ Getty Images)

Ja Rule Is Offering Tax Services And Twitter Has Jokes

The rapper also served two years in prison for tax evasion from 2011to 2013.

Published January 14th

Written by Paul Meara

In today’s news cycle, it’s easy to forget embarrassing headlines related to celebrities, however, in Ja Rule’s case, Fyre Fest will forever remain linked to him.

Taking to his social media on Sunday (January 12), the New York rapper posted a picture of a flyer advertising “Value Tax Service” and the caption, “It’s TAX SEASON!!! And we’re giving you $100 when you walk in the door!!! let us do your taxes walk out with $100 it’s that simple!!! Not in Jersey no problem give use a call... 973.732.9104 Value Tax 810 Clinton ave Newark NJ…”

  1. Well, knowing the scope of the complete mismanagement and failure Fyre Fest was, Twitter users let him have it on the app.

  2. Fyre Festival was a 2017 fraudulent luxury music festival that was co-run by Ja Rule and Billy McFarland. Hundreds of festival goers were displaced and frauded out of millions of dollars.

    If that’s not enough, in 2011, Ja was sentenced to two years in prison for tax evasion and even as recently as last year, he admitted he owed the IRS $2 million in back taxes.

    If anyone needs professional help when it comes to his finances, it might be Ja Rule. Hopefully. he’s getting a large bag for promoting this new tax service.

Photo: Tom Briglia/ Getty Images


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