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LOL: Rihanna, Drake And Kevin Durant Can’t Stop Trolling Each Other On Instagram Live

LOL: Rihanna, Drake And Kevin Durant Can’t Stop Trolling Each Other On Instagram Live

Rih: 5, everyone else: 0.

Published March 30th

Written by Danielle Ransom

It seems Rihanna and Drake are back on friendly terms with another.

  1. In 2018, Rih gave a status update on where she stands with the Toronto rapper in an interview with Vogue where she said that the two were in a gray area. “We don’t have a friendship now, but we’re not enemies either,” she told the publication at the time, adding “it is what it is.”  

    However, the two  recently reconnected in the comments section of DJ Spade and DJ Night Owl Sound’s Instagram Live showdown where they poked in some playful jabs at one another. Maybe it’s because people have more time on their hands than ever (and endless entertainment courtesy of the Internet) amid the coronavirus pandemic. Whatever the case, the two and their respective crews have been hilariously going at each other across the social platform, and they were back for round two in DJ Spade’s solo Instagram Live session this past Saturday night (March 28).

  2. It all started when Rih slid into his comments and threw the first shot at NBA fan-favorite Kevin Durant by throwing some light-hearted jokes over his recent coronavirus diagnosis. “Is KD allowed here...should I wear a mask to this live,” she joked. “But forreal, get well soon KD.” Before he even responded, Rih further clowned him by commenting that she was back in the Live session with her mask in tow. Soon after, the Brooklyn Nets star came forward with his own question for Rih, prompting her to bring out her savage side. “Yo, Robyn didn’t u just come from Europe?” he noted.

    “Nah easy money sl**! Been in your dump a** cuntry last two months,” the Bad Gyal retorted.  “That rona was lurking over there in December,” KD pointed out before advising her longtime best-friend, Melissa Forde, to “watch [her] back.”

  3. Noticing the exchange, Drake decided to enter the chat and suggested everyone cut the coronavirus banter. “We have to dead the trey five corona jokes,” he cautioned. Unfortunately for Drizzy, his plea went ignored while Rih and KD continued to go back and forth. Rih later joked that it seems the OVO crew finally “paid the WiFi bill in [the] basement.” Drake came back with a proposal that DJ Spade should look into “Fenty Corp” getting him some better sound equipment so he can “play music off of [something] other than the plastic cup glued to [his] computer.”

  4. The latest bit prompted an all-out verbal joking war between the Fenty and OVO crew as they traded lighthearted digs. At some point during their conversation, Drake jokingly threatened he was going to change his Instagram handle to “badbwoydrdri,” ( a play off Rih’s “@badgylariri” avatar)  to which Rihanna gave him the floor. Melissa stepped in with some advice for the OVO honcho. “No more shotssss Drake please and thank you.”

    Check out the hilarious exchange below: 


(Photo L-R: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images for Fenty Beauty, Miikka Skaffari/Getty Images), and Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


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