Donald Trump: "I Have A Great Relationship With The Blacks"

Donald Trump: "I Have A Great Relationship With The Blacks"

Trump talks racial politics with talk radio host.

Published April 14, 2011

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Should he decide to formally announce his presidential run, Donald Trump will not be doing it on the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice.

In an interview with Talk1300, The Don shot down reports that he would use his show to push his politics. He said, "I can't announce during the show, I really can't. I'm not allowed to. I don't know where it came from.”

If Trump does decide to run, he expressed concern over President Obama’s high support among African-Americans. With a recent Quinnipiac Poll showing Obama enjoys strong support from black voters in Trump’s home state of New York, the businessman suggested that he wouldn’t get the support from minority voters he feels he deserves, saying, "I have a great relationship with the blacks. I've always had a great relationship with the blacks. But unfortunately, it seems that, you know, the numbers you cite are very, very frightening numbers."

Trump may further alienate black voters with his continued stance that the President is being deceitful about being American born. He added, "He either has one [a birth certificate] and there's something on it that he doesn't like, or he doesn't have one."

Written by Michael Arceneaux


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