Harry Belafonte Criticizes Obama

Harry Belafonte Criticizes Obama

The legendary performer wants to know, "What happened to moral truth?"

Published July 28, 2011

The issue of the United States debt ceiling is getting more than just politicians hot under the collar. Legendary entertainer Harry Belafonte has had enough as well.


The Washington Post reveals the famous activist/singer/actor recently chided President Obama while at an event at the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills. Aside from reminding everyone in the audience that Obama is “not a stand alone” politician, he said he would ask the head man in charge and Congress, “What happened to moral truth?”


The 84-year-old Belafonte, who has spoken out for civil rights and social change throughout his life, has never been one to bite his tongue, especially pertaining to public interest. This October, HBO will debut a new documentary called Sing Your Song, which focuses on the King of Calypso and his dedication to activism.

(Photo: Joe Corrigan/Getty Images)

Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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