Despite Fan Outrage, Tyler Perry Sticks by Kim Kardashian

Despite Fan Outrage, Tyler Perry Sticks by Kim Kardashian

The Hollywood mogul ignores calls to fire the reality star from his next movie.

Published November 8, 2011

At least there's one marriage Kim Kardashian can count on. Tyler Perry announced that he has no plans to boot the divorcing reality star from his (ironically titled) film, The Marriage Counselor, in spite of an outcry from his fan base to dump her from the project.


"She is scheduled to work as planned," Perry tells TMZ, adding that rumors claiming she's out of the film are false. 


Perry's loyalty to Kardashian is bound to disappoint the literally hundreds of people who have flooded his website and left scathing messages calling for her firing. Undoubtedly Perry, who is known to have a close connection with his fan base, is aware of the depth of their disapproval.


Here's an excerpt from one such post:


"I have always loved your movies. You being a Christian comes out in your movies. They are in good taste and I enjoy the trash-free scripts. I will boycott [The Marriage Counselor] if Kim Kardashian is in it. These people (Kardasians) [sic] are what is wrong with our society today. They are bad role models for our youth today."


There are hundreds of others here.

(Photo: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Written by Smriti Mundhra


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