Kanye West Apologizes to Taylor Swift Again on Twitter

Kanye West Apologizes to Taylor Swift Again on Twitter

Published September 7, 2010

Kanye West has said some pretty memorable things since joining Twitter this past July, but they all pale in comparison to the two-hour Taylor Swift apology he tweeted this morning (September 4).

It wasn't the first time Yeezy apologized to the pop country singer, but it was undoubtedly his most profound as West relentlessly typed tweet after tweet. Starting around 8:37 a.m., 'Ye spoke of the media selling the perception that he's an assh*le before confirming that the Swift incident led to him cancelling his tour with Lady Gaga and revealing that the backlash not only affected him, but people around him.

"With the help of strong will, a lack of impathy, a lil alcohol and extremely distasteful & bad timing ... I became George Bush over night," he tweeted. "How deep is the scar... I bled hard.. cancelled tour with the number one pop star in the world ... closed the doors of my clothing office. Had to let employees go... for the first time I felt the impact of my brash actions ... I felt the recession from an ownership side."

West also shared that he wrote a song for Taylor. "I wrote a song for Taylor Swift that's so beautiful and I want her to have it," he said. "If she won't take it then I'll perform it for her. She had nothing to do with my issues with award shows. She had no idea what hit her. She's justa lil girl with dreams like the rest of us."

Yeezy also touched on the incident being turned into a racial thing, noting he would have done the same thing if he felt Justin Timberlake had been robbed of an award at the time. "Why was it made into such a race issue," he vented. "Taylor loves rap music... I love country music."

The poignant tweet session culminated with 'Ye saying, "I want to win there hearts back so I can continue to bring my take on culture to the masses with a clean opinion. It starts with this...I'm sorry Taylor." West now follows Swift along with Justin Bieber on Twitter. As previously reported, 'Ye called Swift several days following the VMA incident and more recently apologized in a freestyle during his concert in Singapore.

Click here to read Kanye's Taylor Swift apology in full.

Written by Carl Chery, BET.com Staff


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