Odd Future Demolishes Network TV Debut on Fallon

Odd Future Demolishes Network TV Debut on Fallon

Published February 17, 2011

Nascent L.A. hip hop collective Odd Future crashed the stage on Jimmy Fallon last night, marking what has to be one of the quickest turnarounds from Internet buzz to network television debut in history.

Odd Future (full name: Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) representatives Tyler the Creator and Hodgy Beats prowled through their song "Sandwiches" with backing from Fallon's house band and music coordinators, The Roots. The highly animated duo, who started screaming even before Fallon finished introducing them, wore their most menacing hoodie-and-ski-mask combos and shared the stage with ghastly "dancers" in goth makeup.

At one point, Tyler runs off the stage over to where Fallon is sitting and confronts his previous guests, who look visibly shaken. "Whoa", Felicia O'Day says, when a mic is shoved in her face.

Odd Future have been grabbing headlines for the past four months or so because of their incredibly dark, violent, and absurdist lyrics and imagery. Another key point of interest is their age. Tyler, the defacto leader of the clan, which currently claims 10 members, is only 19.

You can hear more from hip-hop's most-talked-about new act at their official website. Almost all of their music to date is free.

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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