Nas Shelves 'Lost Tapes 2'

Nas Shelves 'Lost Tapes 2'

MC says Def Jam "messed up" his flow.

Published May 16, 2011

Nas' anticipated Lost Tapes 2 album is officially on the shelf. 

"When I released the other Lost Tapes, I was at Sony. Being at Sony for so long, I was used to things going easily," the Queens rapper told MTV News. "With Def Jam, I'd just gotten there, so I'm still in my Sony ways, like 'Yeah, this record is going to come out this time and I'm going to set up from that. Then a few months later I'm going to drop this … ' But they're like 'We just started working together so we can do this but wait. Maybe we should do it like this?' I wasn't used to that and then there was no communication at all and I really wasn't used to that."

In 2010, a letter Nas sent to Def Jam executives demanding the release of his Lost Tapes 2 album leaked onto the Internet. While the MC didn't want the behind-the-scenes tiff to reach such a public audience, he announced through a representative that he didn't regret his angry words either. Now, in 2011, Nas seems ready to move on.

"With Sony, I wasn't used to a lot of communication, we understood what we were doing," he continued. "We don't have to sit around. With Def Jam, it was more 'Let's sit down and have tea.' I wasn't used to that and it kinda messed up my flow. The timing for [The Lost Tapes 2] is gone, now it's just all about the new record."

There was no release date for Nas' upcoming album at press time.

(Photo: Scott Gries/Getty Images)

Written by Hillary Crosley


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