Pusha T Clarifies That He's Not Dissing Drake

Pusha T Clarifies That He's Not Dissing Drake

“That’s not what this is at all.”

Published October 24, 2011

Pusha T got a lot of people talking with his version of Drake's song "Dreams Money Can Buy," which contains what many have interpreted as veiled shots at the Young Money rapper and others. Speaking to HipHopDx, though, Pusha says those reading too much into the song have got the wrong idea.

"I never referenced Drake. I never referenced anybody in particular on that track. Never," he clarifies. "People have turned it into the "Drake Diss." People have taken apart the verses and started to put the lines with rappers they think are targets or whatever, and that wasn’t the case. Like, that’s not what this is at all. So I just sit back and I watch it. But it ain’t nothing to me, man."

Ziploc P observed that a similar misreading occurred with Drake's original version of the song, which some labeled a diss at Jay-Z. The Clipse member suggested that the brash rhymes on both his and Drake's songs were a product of the hard-hitting instrumental.

"I watched the same thing happen when Drake put out his version of it. I actually love what Drake did on it initially, that’s why I did it. And Drake said something in regards to, “My favorite rappers either lost it or they’re not alive.” And everybody was trying to put together at the time, “Man, who lost it?” or “Who are his favorite rappers?” People are getting caught up on the original and on mine and who’s calling out who. But it’s just amazing music. And just as a rapper, I’m listening to everybody getting in their cocky stance. Like when you hear my verses, that’s me saying, “Ain’t nobody f***ing with me,” and I really feel like that."

Asked point blank if Drake was at all referenced in the song, Pusha again said no, and also made clear that neither Lil Wayne, nor J. Cole, nor anyone "making good music" was a target of his.

"Not Drake, not Drake. Not [Lil] Wayne, I heard it was Wayne, I heard it was J. Cole. Like I heard so many different people man, I’m not shootin’ man," he said. "Matter of fact, I don’t want to shoot anybody that’s making good music, okay. The few motherf***ers who ain’t making good music, I’ll shoot them. But not the ones making good music."

Pusha T's street album Fear of God II: Let Us Pray, will be released November 8 via G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam.

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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