DMX Says Rap and Cops "Suck"


DMX Says Rap and Cops "Suck"

Darkman X sounds off about the current state of music and all those arrests in an overseas interview.

Published January 6, 2014

DMX is allowed back overseas and he's wasting no breaths delivering that real, rap, raw.

"The quality of rap f---in' sucks right now," Darkman X told while in Bulgaria, following tour stops in Kosovo, Cyprus, and Dubai. "There are certain nice rappers," he added, without naming names, "but for the most part, n---as suck."

"They suck" was also his reaction to a question about his string of arrests and how it's changed him as an artist. "It hasn't changed me as an artist," he growled. "... The last few times I got locked up, I was locked up for hours at a time. Driving without a license ... Police suck d--k. That's what the f--k they do ... I'm not a criminal. I'm not committing crimes and s--t. I drive my f--king car. I have a car. I drive it. Oh, you want to pull me over and lock me up? Do what you do, homie, but I’ll be right back out doing the same f--kin' thing I was doing eight hours ago," he said.

Aside from making up his own laws, X went on to refuse comment on Eminem's "Rap God." "We have a good relationship," he said. "... Don't ask me no random s--t to start no random beef."

He explained why he doesn't know how to use the Internet, "I've never used the Internet," he said.

And he promised he's still on a path to be a pastor. "Pastor, not a priest," he emphasized. "I will not be f---in' little boys."

Other than that, "It's going great," X said of the tour. "The biggest blessing is the fact that I got my passport in such a short time ... and being able to accomplish so much. I thank God for everything." 

X's passport had been revoked due to the amount of child support he owed. He went so far as filing for bankruptcy in July to "reorganize" his finances and regain access to his international fans. is your #1 source for Black celebrity news, photos, exclusive videos and all the latest in the world of hip hop and R&B music.  

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Written by BET-Staff


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