You Won't Believe What This Rapper Did After Getting Shot Twice

You Won't Believe What This Rapper Did After Getting Shot Twice

Cap 1's story could rival Fiddy's.

Published January 23, 2016

Chicago rapper Cap 1 had a pretty interesting Friday night, to say the least. The MC, who is signed to 2 Chainz's TRU label, was shot twice in Atlanta last night. This did not stop him from driving him self to the hospital, and recording a video while doing it.

The video, which Cap 1 posted early in the morning, shows the rapper displaying his wounds and describing the event, “B***h ass n****s just shot me two times, pussy ass n*****s. I’m still mother******* here driving, my self to the hospital. F*** these n*****s.” He captioned the video, “God is good thanks for all the prayers! I’m good! Y’all be safe out there…Life is short. Be a blessing and become blessed.”

Cap 1 then posted a picture of himself in hospital gowns. “Pussy n*****s shot at me 10 times and hit me twice, but [when] it’s not your time nothing can stop God’s plan!” he wrote. “Covered in the blood of Jesus and walking with Angels! I’m good. #CaviarDreamz, much love for all the prayers and support.”

So far, there is no additional information on Cap’s injuries, or who is suspected in the shooting, but we can rest assured that the rapper will make a full recovery.

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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