Veteran Who Shoved Young Black Woman at Trump Rally Says He's No Racist

Video still. (Photo: Conservative Outfitters)

Veteran Who Shoved Young Black Woman at Trump Rally Says He's No Racist

Al Bamberger says he "deeply regrets" his actions.

Published March 14, 2016

Al Bamberger, the veteran who was caught on video violently pushing Shiya Nwanguma out of a Donald Trump rally has come out to claim that he is not a racist and to ask for the young woman's forgiveness.

Bamberger, a veteran of the Korean War, claims that during the scrum he had lost his jacket and found himself "caught between a group of white supremacists and Black Lives Matter protesters," and that his emotions got the best of him. 

After the video went viral and the backlash ensued, Bamberger felt the need to explain himself and wrote to the president of his veteran's association about what took place. "I am not associated with any type of racist organizations and did not push the young lady because she was Black. I went to the rally to have a good time, support the veterans, see Donald Trump," he said.

He continued, "Unlike the people that surrounded me at the event, whose main purpose was to cause chaos and create videos, I went there with no intention of participating in a confrontation and I deeply regret my involvement. I have embarrassed myself, my family and veterans. This was a very unfortunate incident and it is my sincere hope that I can be forgiven for my actions.”

While Bamberger's apology does seem sincere, it should be noted that he has not directly apologized to Nwanguma herself. 

Bamberger has not been charged with any crimes as a result of the March 1 scuffle, but Louisville Police say complaints from the rally are still under investigation.

Black Lives Matter protesters have been bravely standing up to Trump, his supporters and their racist rhetoric all over the country. Watch a rally in Virginia devolve into mayhem after a group of Black students made their voices heard:


(Photo: Conservative Outfitters)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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