Perv Alert: Watch This Woman Destroy a Creep Allegedly Rubbing His Penis While on the Subway

New York subway - New York City, NY, USA

Perv Alert: Watch This Woman Destroy a Creep Allegedly Rubbing His Penis While on the Subway

This is how you pull off a citizen’s arrest.

Published August 17, 2016

If you’re a woman living in major city like New York, you’ve probably had your fair share of annoying catcalls or street creeps. Perhaps you’ve even experienced something as uncomfortable as a man behaving inappropriately towards you in public. In these situations, many women ignore the man or remain quiet; however, one New York City woman decided to flip the switch and call out the creep in the act. 

On a crowded subway train in a very populated area of the city, Deanna G. Carter noticed a man looking at her while he covered himself with his backpack. It did not take long for Carter to realize that the man appeared to be rubbing his penis while making eye contact with her.

Instead of remaining quiet, she pulled out her phone to record the man in action. Now, whereas some people would stop there, she decided to take things one step further and call him out.

Carter began to loudly ask the man, “What are you doing?” When he noticed that she was talking to him, he immediately stopped what he was doing. She continued to tell him to get off the train at the next stop. After the train pulled into the station, she lets him know, “You got the right one, honey, 'cus I’m a crazy b***h.”

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the recording is not Carter’s reaction to the man, but everyone else’s. As she calls him out for allegedly demonstrating inappropriate behavior, no other man or woman comes to her defense (in true New York fashion).  

Hopefully this video will act as a lesson to creeps everywhere. Think twice before trying your hand on an unsuspecting female, because maybe she’ll take a page out of Carter’s book and publicly call you out for being a disrespectful pervert.  

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Peter Carroll/Getty images)


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