Coast Guard Officer Who Aimed To Insight A ‘Race War’ Released From Detention

SILVER SPRING, MD -  FEBRUARY 21:  In this undated handout photo provided by U.S. Attorneyâ  s Office for the District of Maryland, the collection of weapons and ammunition federal agents say they found in Christopher Paul Hasson's Silver Spring apartment are shown in Maryland. A member of the U.S. Coast Guard, 49-year-old Hasson, was arrested on weapons and drugs violations and is accused of plotting a major terror attack against Americans. (Photo by U.S. Attorneyâ  s Office for the District of Maryland via Getty Images)

Coast Guard Officer Who Aimed To Insight A ‘Race War’ Released From Detention

Christopher Hasson had an arsenal of weapons and was indicted on drug and weapons charges.

Published April 25, 2019

In today’s sounds about white news, a Coast Guard lieutenant who is accused of plotting a domestic terror attack, will be released from detention.

Christopher Hasson had been indicted on weapons and drug charges but did not face any charges related to terrorism. The man’s attorney argued that his ongoing detention was unlawful after he plead not guilty last month on all charges.

Maryland Federal Judge Charles Day agreed the government didn’t meet a standard for continued detention but claimed to have “grave concerns” about Hasson’s alleged actions, one of which was collecting an arsenal of weaponry, including assault weapons, rifles, high capacity magazines, tactical gear and more. He also reportedly searched online for the home addresses of two Supreme Court justices.

"He's got to have a whole lot of supervision," Day said, according to CNN. "Somebody who's got eyes and ears on him like nobody's business." A form of supervision is the condition Hasson’s attorney is attempting to seek.

Documents released about Christopher Hasson say he espoused extremist and white supremacist views. He’s conducted online searches for the “best” gun to kill African Americans with “white homeland” and “when are whites going to wake up.” He also allegedly searched “please god let there be a race war.”

Hasson was initially charged in February and faced counts of unlawful possession of two improperly registered silencers, possession of a narcotic opioid and possession of 17 firearms as an unlawful user and addict of a controlled substance. In total, he faces 31 years in prison if convicted. There is no federal domestic terrorism statute under which he can be charged.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: ABC News


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