Sounds About White: Felicity Huffman Will Spend 14 Days In Prison For College Admissions Scandal

Actress Felicity Huffman, escorted by her husband William H. Macy, exits the John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse in Boston, where she was sentenced by Judge Talwani for her role in the College Admissions scandal on September 13, 2019. - Actress Felicity Huffman gets 14 days jail in US college admissions scandal (Photo by Joseph Prezioso / AFP)        (Photo credit should read JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP/Getty Images)

Sounds About White: Felicity Huffman Will Spend 14 Days In Prison For College Admissions Scandal

Twitter is outraged over the privilege protecting the actress.

Published September 13, 2019

Written by Paul Meara

Felicity Huffman has been sentenced to 14 days in prison after pleading guilty to cheating in order to get her daughter into college. The Desperate Housewives actress paid $15,000 to a proctor to correct college admissions test answers, prosecutors.

In addition to spending a couple of weeks in jail, Huffman was also reportedly ordered to pay a $30,000 fine, serve one year of supervised release, and perform 250 hours of community service.

Before being sentenced, Huffman tearfully said she was “deeply sorry” to those who were affected by her actions, especially her family who she “betrayed.”

"I was frightened, I was stupid, and I was so wrong. I am deeply ashamed of what I've done," she said in front of the court.

As many have pointed out, Huffman’s actions aren’t just isolated to cheating to get her child into college. Her crimes — and similar crimes committed by other privileged and wealthy adults on behalf of their grown children — also come at the expense of many unknown and deserving students who were denied admission to schools despite their merit. It also makes obvious the extreme imbalance in the criminal justice system, which incarcerates Black people for far lesser infractions (like putting down an incorrect zip code to get their children into better public schools) and let her go with minor consequences.

Social media wasn’t having any of Huffman’s sorrow, given the blatant inequities in the system. See the outrage, below:



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