Colin Kaepernick Changes NFL Workout Location

Colin Kaepernick NFL Training.

Colin Kaepernick Changes NFL Workout Location

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback is standing by his morals.

PUBLISHED ON : NOVEMBER 16, 2019 / 08:20 PM

Written by Tweety Elitou

When word got out that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback and activist, Colin Kaepernick, would be showing off his skills to 25 NFL scouts and executives, fans quickly began to rejoice — including NBA star Lebron James, who tweeted his unwavering support. 

On Tuesday, the 32-year-old free agent confirmed the workout in a tweet:

"We are looking forward to Saturday's workout with Colin," the NFL said in its statement, adding that a video of the session and an interview with Kaepernick will be sent to all 32 teams in the league.

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However, there was an upset that has many in an uproar. According to a statement from the NFL, Colin did not appear for his workout in Atlanta. “We were very disappointed that Colin did not appear for his workout.” 

The statement also mentioned that the NFL made considerable effort to work cooperatively with Colin's representatives. “We invited his agent to suggest questions for the interview. Yesterday, when Colin's representatives said he wanted to bring his own receivers to the workout, we agreed to the request. In addition, Coach Hue Jackson discussed with Colin's agent what drills would be run at the workout so that Colin would know what would be expected of him.” 

TMZ Sports gave several updates to the events of Colin’s activities for the day. According to Colin's reps, the NFL refused to allow media to observe the workout. It was also mentioned that the NFL wanted Kaepernick to sign an "unusual liability waiver" which "rejected the standard liability waiver from physical injury proposed by Mr. Kaepernick's representatives.”

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In response, Kaepernick abruptly moved his workout to a nearby high school, which was open for the media to observe his fitness and training. "Mr. Kaepernick looks forward to seeing the representatives from the clubs today."

Colin's team made a statement that he was open to have former Browns coach, Hue Jackson, in attendance to oversee the drills and workout. Jackson was originally scheduled to lead Kap through QB drills at the Falcon facility but he was unable to attend.

RIVERDALE, GA - NOVEMBER 16: Colin Kaepernick looks to make a pass during a private NFL workout held at Charles R Drew high school on November 16, 2019 in Riverdale, Georgia. Due to disagreements between Kaepernick and the NFL the location of the workout was abruptly changed.  (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
(Photo: Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

His good friend, Eric Reid of the Carolina Panthers, came through to show support. 

TMZ was told by a source that the reason that Colin wanted to change his location last-minute was not because he wanted transparency, but it was the total opposite. 

“We're told the implication behind Colin's question was that he didn't want media there,” sources told TMZ. “Our source tells us he wanted to avoid a circus-like atmosphere. In other words, we're told the league is completely baffled by Kap and his team's reasoning on changing locations.”

NBC Sports reports while a majority of NFL teams did not attend the rescheduled workout, Jim Trotter of NFL Media says Kansas City, Philadelphia, Washington, San Francisco, and the New York Jets were in attendance.

Let’s hope that the NFL and our guy KAP can work it out so we can see him return to the field. According to TMZ, he told reporters after his training, “The ball was in the league's court now.”

For now, take a look at the veteran quarterback flex his skills below: 

Colin Kaepernick was placed in hot water by the NFL after he took a knee during the National Anthem to protest police brutality in 2016. He hasn’t played for the NFL since January of 2017.

(Photo: Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)


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