Cyntoia Brown Throws Public Support Behind Teen Sex Trafficking Victim Who Killed Her Abuser

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - NOVEMBER 11: Author Cyntoia Brown Long speaks onstage during An Evening with Cyntoia Brown at Clark Atlanta University on November 11, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Cyntoia Brown Throws Public Support Behind Teen Sex Trafficking Victim Who Killed Her Abuser

"Here was yet another situation…”

Published January 8th

Written by Paul Meara

Cyntoia Brown was released from prison five months ago after spending 15 years incarcerated for killing a man who she was afraid would kill her while she was a teenage victim of sex trafficking. Now, she wants to help another teenager in a similar situation.

Nineteen-year-old Chrystul Kizer confessed to fatally shooting 34-year-old Randy Volar in Wisconsin in 2018, claiming she was being sexually assaulted by him. She currently faces a life sentence.

During an interview with BuzzFeed News’ AM to DM, Brown highlighted similarities between her and Kizer’s cases and said it seemed “like history was repeating itself.”

"Here was yet another situation where there was a young girl caught up with some unfortunate circumstances, who reacted out of trauma," Brown said. "And the justice system wasn't necessarily trying to hear that, trying to see that."

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The Washington Post reports that Kizer met Volar when she was 16 after he responded to her ad on the classifieds site, which was shut down last year for facilitating sex trafficking.

In need of money for school supplies, Kizer began seeing Volar, and after allegedly paying her for sex, he began trafficking her to other men. At the time, Kizer was only 17 and claims Volar knew she was underage.

In February 2018, Volar was arrested on charges of child sexual assault after a seperate 15-year-old teen called 911 from his house claiming he’d given her drugs and was going to kill her.

Even though evidence was discovered at his home that Volar was sexually abusing a dozen minors, including more than 20 videos of Volar with underage Black girls and “hundreds” of child sexual abuse videos, he was released without bail by authorities the same day.

Kizer says she tried staying away from Volar because she had a boyfriend, but when she told Volar about the situation, he allegedly threatened to kill her. She would not report the threat to police, believing they wouldn’t help her.

Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images


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