Celebrate 4/20 Day Online With Service That Deliveries All Your Necessary Essentials

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Celebrate 4/20 Day Online With Service That Deliveries All Your Necessary Essentials

Whether you need papers, snacks, or a G Pen, GoPuff's got you.

Published April 20th

Written by Lainey Sidell

Since we’re living during the era of heightened anxiety and social distancing, efforts to celebrate 4/20 likely have started way before today. While cities across the country have banned outdoor festivities, weed lovers are finding ways to come together virtually today. There is in fact an easier way to lessen the logistical efforts associated with getting all of your “essential” tools to enjoy the day while self-isolating at home. 

Go Puff is a delivery service that will bring you all the necessary accoutrements needed during a pandemic to you directly for a successful 4/20 (minus the actual bud.) If you’ve run out of blunt papers, munchies, hell, even condoms, you can have it conveniently dropped off at your doorstep at just about anytime of the day or night. 

The company has even shifted their hours of operation to accommodate customers who are now forced to work from home and provided tools to enforce no-contact deliveries including eliminating cash payments and signature requirements. Plus, GoPuff is also looking for drivers and field employees in 100 cities during the coronavirus pandemic.

The idea behind goPuff's inception was simple: while it’s easy enough to get pizza and Chinese food delivered, it’s not so simple if you want a pint of Ben and Jerry's delivered at two in the morning. The company actually hosts a multitude of household items, be it health-minded groceries, laundry detergent or tampons. On average, each of goPuff's locations has over 3,000 items available for purchase, and in most cities, delivery costs only $1.95. 

This is not your mother's delivery service. Created "by millennials for millennials," goPuff is truly a brand that gets it. Orders can also include items from their "Smoke Shop" like vapes, rolling paper, lighters and hookah.  

So order, roll, light one, and take comfort in the fact that your stuff is likely on its way before you know it.

Happy 4/20 Day!


*This story was edited and updated from an earlier version published in April 2017. 

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