Karen’s Husband ‘Kevin’ Goes Viral: 7 Racist Rants And Attacks Caught On Video

Karen’s Husband ‘Kevin’ Goes Viral: 7 Racist Rants And Attacks Caught On Video

First there was Karen and now there is Kevin.

Published July 8th

Written by Alexis Reese

Now that the world has been introduced to the memes and meltdowns from the viral “Karens” we’re now being introduced to her partner-in-crime, “Kevin.”

In the latest Kevin incident, a Florida man recently recognized as Dan Maples directed his anger at an elderly woman who asked him to wear a mask before another bystander jumped in to defend her at a Costco in the Gulf Coast Town Center on Monday (July 6).

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Wearing a red shirt that says  “Running the World Since 1776,” the unidentified man yells that he is being harassed and feels threatened, “back-off, threaten me again,” as he charges the camera. Eventually being escorted out by Costco employees, Kevin’s incident has been viewed at least 2.8 million views on Twitter. 

Since the event, Maples’ employer, Ted Todd Agency, has now let the Senior Insurance Agent go from his position. Charley Todd, CEO of the company, released a brief statement on Twitter on July 7. 

An official statement released by Ted Todd Agency the same day.

While this is just one of many that Kevin crazed events that have erupted on social media with racists rants, aggressive attacks and false accusations, check out these 7 Kevins who have all gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

  1. San Francisco Kevin Goes On Racist Rant In Restaurant

    While a family was enjoying a birthday celebration at Carmel Valley’s Bernardus restaurant in California, a Kevin also publicly known as Michael Lofthouse the CEO of “Solid8” Cloud Transformation decided to go on a disgusting racist rant telling customers to go back to where they came from. This Kevin then aggressively flips off the family and is forced out of the business by employees. 

  2. Publix Kevin Calls A Co-Worker A Racial Slur

    Refusing to wear a mask at an Atlanta Publix, this Kevin begins to verbally attack the co-worker behind the counter before taking a deep breath and apologizing for the color of her skin.

  3. Germantown Kevin Confronts Peaceful Protestor Over Black Lives Matter

    After driving around a man who was peacefully protesting on a street corner in Germantown, Tennessee, this Kevin formally known as Lloyd Crawford confronts the gentleman yelling obscenities and making threats. Questioning where the man was from this Kevin then accuses him of promoting violence.

  4. Pick-up Truck Kevin Flips Off A BlackLady In A Nearby Vehicle Before Yelling The N-Word

    Caught yelling racial slurs from his Ford F-350, Pick-up Truck Kevin (Daniel Michael Merola) flips off a Black lady while at a stoplight before getting out of his vehicle before yelling at her in South Florida. While following her, honking at her and calling the Black lady hateful names, Pick-up Truck Kevin is eventually scared off after two Black men step in to protect her. 

  5. San Luis Obispo County, Calif. Kevin Bursts Into Tears After Going Off On Black Store Manager

    Video of a man in Atascadero, Calif. is seen going off before bursting into tears while he yells at Black store manager who kindly asked him to put on a mask. During Cali Kevin’s (Greg Baxter) racist tirade, he also asked the store manager to “fetch [him] some water.”

  6. Cove Park Beach Kevin Pulls Knife And Pepper Spray On A Group Of Black Men

    While a group of Black men met at Cove Park Beach in Connecticut to celebrate some of their birthdays, this Kevin tries to crash their celebration and claims that he is the neighborhood police. Cove Park Kevin then calls the police and claims that he is “being harassed,” before later pulling out a knife and pepper spraying the men. 

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    Share, like, comment. This is happened at Cove Beach in Stamford, Connecticut on Saturday (the day after Juneteenth). Two of my friends have birthdays on June 19th (Juneteenth) & we were out celebrating (not causing any trouble- let’s make that clear). I hesitated to post this, but it’s bigger than me. This is a perfect example of how people have DIED in this country due to racism (Trayvon Martin, Ahmaud Arbery, etc). This is EXACTLY what the world has been protesting about! This man even referred to himself as GOD 🤦🏽‍♂️. He feels like he has the RIGHT to take someone’s life as he sees fit. • • The guy in the video called the police on us for being at Cove Beach with a boat attached my friends truck. He ASSUMED we were going to dock the boat at Cove. We met at Cove park, before heading to West beach. My friend lives SECONDS away from Cove Park. The man sped towards our cars in a very hostile manner. He started swearing, yelling & pointing in our faces. He told us that he was a police officer and that he OWED Cove Beach. Cove is a PUBLIC beach so we knew he was lying, not to mention he impersonated a police officer. He kept saying “go back to where you came from”. And he said to one of my friends “Where are you from China? I was born here”. Then that’s when I started recording. Once we started to leave he went to his truck and started searching for weapons. He kept saying “you want to mess with me, you’ll see, you’ll see”. He pulled out a knife (which looked like a box cutter) & had pepper spray. He begin to pepper spray my friends hitting them in the head, face and neck. He sprayed me in the chest and arm, but missed my face. He then sped off & tried to reverse into us with his pick up truck. There was a third party witness on the scene, who just so happened to be an Attorney & he told the police that the man was at FAULT & that “we showed great restraint”. People always say- they never experienced racism in Stamford. It does exist! Here’s your proof caught on camera at Cove Island Park. Hopefully this video can save someone’s life. If this man had a gun (which we learned that he’s a registered gun owner in the State of Connecticut) he would of 100% shot it.

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  7. Get Off My Lawn Kevin Harasses Black Teen For Living In Their Affluent Neighborhood

    This Florida Kevin went on a disturbing and racist rant as he harassed a group of teens, one being Black, for living in his neighborhood. 

    “You don’t belong in this development,” the unidentified Kevin yells. “I’m going to call the gate and have you arrested. You do not deserve to be in here.”

    Continuing his egregious comments, this Kevin then attempts to hit the teens in his car. 

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