Election Protection: A Call To Action For The Black Community

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Election Protection: A Call To Action For The Black Community

Nearly 200 leaders in the Black community are working to safeguard our rights as voters.

Published October 24th

Written by Coalition of Black Leaders

"The Vote is the most important non-violent tool we have." — The Honorable Congressman John Lewis

During the first presidential candidates’ debate, we heard more than one provocative dog-whistle for voter intimidation.  We will not sit idly on the sidelines and be deprived of our fundamental rights.  And we will not give comfort to those attempting to spread fear and hatred. 

The challenges confronting the Black community in 2020 are well documented: police killings, an inadequate response to the coronavirus, mass unemployment, and systematic racism. We now face a concerted effort to suppress and disenfranchise the Black community's inalienable right to vote. 

In 2013, the Supreme Court eroded many of the vital protections contained in the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Many states have made it increasingly difficult for minorities to vote.  We face the same challenges our community had to fight against in the 1950s and '60s. And in the spirit of the late Congressman Lewis, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer, we too must have a plan of action.

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The NAACP has launched a new civic engagement program called, "Protect Our People At the Polls" as a way to organize and train our community to better serve as volunteer poll monitors in their neighborhoods. With the rise and ever-growing threat of voter suppression and intimidation, the NAACP, with the support of over 100 partner organizations, is enlisting participation in voter and election protection.

Rise and stand with us at the polls. We must act today to protect our freedoms of tomorrow.  Our collective presence on the electoral process's frontlines will send a clear message that the Black community is prepared to stand tall, with allies, and unite toward progress. 

We got this! 


This coalition of leaders in the Black community are working tirelessly to ensure voters are well equipped with the necessary tools and resources to vote safety and securely. To see the full list of collation partners, please visit, NAACP.org

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