voter suppression

New York Enacts New Law To Protect Voting Rights

Named for the late civil rights hero Rep. John R. Lewis, the law prevents local counties from enacting rules that suppress the Black vote.

OPINION: No Matter How Bold The Voter Suppression In Texas, There’s Too Much At Stake To Stay At Home

Poor, low-income and marginalized people have the most to lose on primary day.

Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote Adds New Lineup Of Celebs To Drive Voter Registration In 2022

See who the former first lady recruited to help fight the latest battle against voter suppression.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Censured By Arizona Democratic Party For Failing To Support Voting Rights

Sinema joined Republicans in blocking the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act from passing into law.

Georgia GOP Removes Black Democrats From County Elections Board In Apparent Power Grab

DOJ has sued Georgia over a new law that gives state Republicans voter suppression tools.

National Black Voter Day 2021: Advocates For Voting Rights Push Back Against Republican-Led Attacks

Challenges are mounting against voter suppression tactics.

OPINION: Is It Really Liberty, Justice And Juneteenth For All?

Recognizing the holiday can mean so much more.

Black America Votes: Voter Suppression Tactics Didn’t Discourage Black Voters

Despite attacks, Black voters expanded their voting domain.

Voter Suppression 911: What To Do If You're Turned Away at the Polls

Here’s how to make sure your vote counts.

If Your Ballot Has Been Rejected, Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Fix It

Color of Change on how to ensure your ballot is counted

Election Protection: A Call To Action For The Black Community

A message from leaders in the Black community.