Ten Reasons Real Husbands of Hollywood Should be a Real Show

Ten Reasons Real Husbands of Hollywood Should be a Real Show

Could this spoof be the next big TV comedy?

Published June 29, 2011

Hands down, one of the star moments from the 2011 BET Awards was the reality show spoof Real House Husbands of Hollywood.  Bringing together Bobby Brown, Kevin Hart, Jermaine Dupri, Nick Cannon and Nelly, the clips were a hilarious twist on the Real Housewives series, briefly poking fun at the turbulent personas of celebrities. Since the send-up has gone viral, folks may be looking for Real House Husbands to become its own series. Here are some reasons why a permanent show should be considered...


10. Because we prefer to laugh at a slightly scripted version of Bobby Brown’s insanity as opposed to his real-life craziness.


9. Because Tammy’s talent for acting the crazy, confrontational cast member would work better here than being one on any episode of Basketball Wives.


8. Because Nick Cannon’s willingness to poke fun at his married life—apart from being extremely brave—was one of funniest aspects of the show.


7. Because we want Jermaine Dupri to be just as brave about making fun of his former relationship with Janet Jackson.


6. Because Mariah Carey could make a special guest appearance.


5. Because every season the show could rotate cast members. Just think of a season with Mike Tyson, Eric Benet, Kevin Federline, Katt Williams and DMX.


4. Because we’d rather watch a spoof of a juicy reality series than another insipid, exploitative reality show with Black folks displaying the worst behavior.


3.  Because this is the perfect vehicle for a Nelly comeback.


2.  Because this will help us finally forgive Kevin Hart for starring in Soul Plane.


1. Because, point blank, it could be the genius black TV comedy we’ve been looking for since the cancellation of Everybody Hates Chris.

Written by Marcus Reeves


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