Herman Cain Wins the GOP’s First Presidential Primary Debate

Herman Cain Wins the GOP’s First Presidential Primary Debate

Herman Cain was the standout at the GOP's first presidential primary debate. When more serious contenders start showing up, he'll be pushed out.

Published May 6, 2011

Those who were familiar former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain before the first Republican presidential debate took place Thursday night already were aware of his way with words, but who thought it would help him win the night? But participants in a post-debate focus group overwhelmingly declared him the winner of the debate. He’s also the subject of some interesting Friday headlines, like “Yes, We Cain?” and “Republicans Buzzing About the ‘Herman-ator’.”


Interestingly, Cain has the least amount of political of all the candidates who joined him onstage in Greenville, South Carolina. When asked about that, he expressed pride in the fact that he’s never held elective office.


“Because I ask people, ‘Most of the people that are in elective office in Washington, D.C., they have held public office before -- how’s that working for ya?’” he said.


 Cain was the only one who supported President Obama’s decision to not release post-mortem photos of Osama bin Laden. He would, however, support torture techniques such as waterboarding in some situations. All of the candidates slammed President Obama’s foreign policies, and with regard to Bin Laden’s killing, Cain said, “One decision doth not a presidency make.”


And one successful debate doth not a serious contender for the Republican nomination make. Cain and the debate’s other participants are long shots in the primary race. Even House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) didn’t consider them serious enough to tune in. He was spotted by CBS News at a Washington, D.C. steakhouse with a cigarettes and Cabernet during the debate and told the news organization that he’d read about it in Friday’s papers.


“There’s more time for people to get in,” he said.



(Photo: Brendan Smialowski/Getty)

Written by Joyce Jones


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