[Black Girls Rock] Devon Still Thanks Fiancée for Standing by Him

Devon Still, Asha Joyce

[Black Girls Rock] Devon Still Thanks Fiancée for Standing by Him

NFL player says Asha was there for his daughter Leah as she battled cancer.

Published April 14, 2016

If you're familiar with Devon Still, you know he's a rider, having hung tough by his daughter Leah's side as she bravely battled pediatric cancer.

Although the trying plight put stress on the Houston Texans defensive end's engagement with Asha Joyce, he's more than proud to say that their relationship made it through the tough times — just like five-year-old Leah did, defeating cancer this past December. 

The couple is scheduled to get married next month in New York City and Still couldn't be happier to still have Asha by his side.

"It definitely impacted us a lot because we hit our low points not only as individuals but as a couple, because with all my daughter was going through I was emotionally out of the relationship," Still admitted while recently speaking with Daily Mail Online. "All my focus was on my daughter and everything I needed to do to help her beat this disease and it took a lot away from my relationship." 

He added, "But no matter how bad it got, Asha stood there by our side, and she fought her way through, which I know was hard for somebody to be in a relationship and feel like they're in it by themselves."

Asha was there for Devon and Leah when the adorable little girl was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2014. The couple held off on engagement plans while Leah bravely battled the disease.

But with Leah deemed cancer-free in December, those plans are back in full swing

"Just to be able to make it through something like that as a couple, I don't really think there's anything out there that can break us apart because we've been through the hardest parts you can go through," Still said.

Added Asha, "I feel like it's helped us, our relationship has grown a lot stronger through the process. You know, some people it would have probably broken them up, it would have been really challenging. But I feel like we're there, with our faith, and our spiritual journey of being baptized together before everything happened helps to set the foundation for what we have gone through."

Devon took to his Instagram on Thursday to reveal a personal message to Asha, who's enjoying her bachelorette party in Miami.

They're a beautiful couple who had each other's backs during hard times and now will enjoy their lives with hopefully better times to come.

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Written by Mark Lelinwalla


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