Watch: Russell Westbrook Explains How He Learned Kevin Durant Was Leaving OKC

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder

Watch: Russell Westbrook Explains How He Learned Kevin Durant Was Leaving OKC

KD responds.

Published August 5, 2016

Loyalty pays off...literally.

As reported earlier in the day on ThursdayRussell Westbrook inked a new three-year contract extension worth $85.7 million with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Just look at the hero's reception he received in OKC while entering his press conference to announce the new deal.

In announcing the contract extension, the five-time All-Star point guard and back-to-back All-Star MVP made sure to detail how he learned about his former teammate, Kevin Durant, announcing that he's leaving OKC to join the Golden State Warriors exactly a month prior on July 4.

"Like y'all found out — on the news, on the cell phones, the social media," Westbrook said during his press conference. "I talked to Kevin early on in the process. But nothing after. Just a text message from him, that's about it."

A text message? That's how Russ learned that KD was leaving OKC to join the Warriors less than two months after Golden State eliminated the Thunder from the Western Conference Finals? Wow.

Westbrook added: "Some people handle things differently than others. That's the way he wanted to handle it and it's fine. My job now is to see what's ahead of me. And what's ahead of me is this organization and our team and we can win a championship."

That being said, Russ made sure to jab KD by stressing loyalty and also giving this remark when asked if it stung that Durant left OKC to join the Warriors.

Ha! Russ has zero chill.

As for the ex-teammates' friendship moving forward, both players think they'll talk eventually, but KD seems unsure about when now that Russ has re-signed with the Thunder. 

"That's a touchy deal. I don't know," Durant told the Washington Post. "It's easy for someone else to tell me what I should do, but you guys don't know how that whole thing [went down]. I don't know, man. I'll see after this is over and once everything dies down. Like I said before, at some point we'll sit down and talk. But I don't know when."

All this should make for an incredible scene when Durant and the Warriors visit Westbrook and the Thunder in OKC next season.

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Written by Mark Lelinwalla

(Photo: AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)


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